Students learn through techniques including music and dance

by: REVIEW PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Connie Bieberach is a local musician who teaches Spanish.Most people remember catchy ditties they learned as children, even if it’s just an ad for Jhirmack “bounce-back, beautiful hair.”

A Summer Spanish Immersion Camp in Lake Oswego bears in mind the power of music when it comes to children’s learning. Instructor Connie Bieberach will lead first- to fifth-graders in singing in Spanish in addition to writing, reading and conversing in the language of Cervantes.

Through the Community School program, students also will learn about Spanish culture, including sports, movies and cooking. Children also will paint, color with crayons and dance — comfortable clothes and shoes are encouraged.

The class “is the best start for any child who wants to be bilingual,” said Bieberach, also a singer and musician.

The program will be split into two, five-day sessions from July 29 to Aug. 2 and Aug. 12 to 16 at Lake Grove Elementary School. The first session is for students of all skill levels, and students will receive individualized attention.

The second week will be in Spanish only with English employed only when necessary.

“The work is intense, but the most (rewarding) part is at the end of the camp,” Bieberach said. “They can all speak Spanish.”

The goal is for students to gain stronger speaking, reading, writing Spanish skills and a greater understanding of Latin culture.

It “is a fascinating class,” she said.

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