Students and staff talk about events, challenges and excitement in the coming school year

Editor’s Note: The Lake Oswego Review is doing a regular Heard Around School collection of quotes from students and staff. Here is the third installment.

On preparing for the SATs: “I bought the Princeton Review books, and I found it more effective than hiring a tutor.”

— Yong Kim, senior

“I’ve been trying to find the perfect date (to the homecoming dance).”

— Cameron Dean, senior

“As of now, (my favorite class is) English because it’s very discussion-based. This is my first year taking AP English.”

— Kevin Le, senior

“I’m really looking forward to the football games. ... Everyone knows each other and is connected by the team and the cheers.”

— Andrew Mottet, senior

“I have an easy schedule this school year, so I have more time with friends who I probably won’t be seeing after high school graduation.”

— Victoria Edwards, senior

“The challenge that I personally face is our football team — we’ve been labeled as not a powerhouse this year. So far, the senior class has made a pact that we’re ... going to stick together. We have high goals.”

— Charlie Callen, senior

“I’m in a musical so I’m looking forward to that. It’s called ‘Honk!’ And, it’s going to be performed here at the school. I’m a duckling; it’s one of the parts. (The musical is) kind of like ‘The Ugly Duckling.’”

— Julia Logue, sophomore

“I play quite a few sports. Last year, I played soccer, basketball and lacrosse, and my challenge is balancing homework and sports. This year, I’m trying to set aside time to do homework and do sports.”

— Emma Heil, sophomore

“I’m looking forward to all of the ideas kids come up with and ... how they get other kids involved. The kids that I work with right now, they do everything with homecoming and the dances and the canned food drive.”

— Chris Hill, leadership class teacher

“There’s a new teacher evaluation system that we will be implementing. There is a new student information system we will be implementing. We have big classes. We have new administrators. Those are some of the challenges right now, but we’re doing pretty well. I think we’re doing a good job of communicating this year. I think my challenge is learning names.”

— Travis Johnson, new LOHS vice principal

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