Students and staff talk about the first few weeks, what theyre looking forward to and what challenges lie ahead this school year

“Currently, I’m on the volleyball team, and we’re undefeated, so I’m looking forward to that and the MUN (Model United Nations), which is later this year. ... Everyone complains about going back to school, but no one ever complains about going back to Lakeridge because everybody loves Lakeridge. There’s a good atmosphere here. We’re like a family. School work is hard, but that’s because it’s a high academic school, and everyone is striving for the best grades.”

— Kacie Van Stiphout, junior

“I’m looking forward to seeing how much more of a family our school is going to become, and I just think this year, especially with the seniors, everyone is going to band together and accept everyone more. There’s this collective mindset at our high school that we love and support each other.”

— Jackson Waste, senior

“It’s been great (being back in school). I’ve had a fun time hanging out with friends and coming to see staff and playing sports: football and basketball and baseball. I am looking forward to a lot of new activities and assemblies and events and new students ... (My challenge is) keeping grades stable at a 4.0 and being able to balance grades and sports.”

— Alex Belnavis, sophomore

“I’m looking forward to the lacrosse season for girls, and I’m looking forward to spending this last year with friends I might not see again.”

— Becka Wachtel, senior

“I just started a new sport this year, rowing with my (older) brother, so I’m really excited. ... I’m really busy. I’m in student government. I’m sophomore class president. I’m taking a lot of advanced classes, and rowing is six days a week.”

— Sam Levin, sophomore

“I was gone last year, so I’m excited to be back. I was in California for a year — dad’s job. He is the general counsel for a bank. That’s the head of the legal department.” Currently, I’m working on college applications, “just getting everything done and in on time and making sure I get into the school that’s the right fit for me.”

— Maris Bouc, senior

“I was also gone last year in California — Irvine, so it’s really nice to be back in a normal high school. ... I was doing school online because I was playing tennis. I was in a tennis academy. It gets my name out there for scholarships.”

— Adriene Caba, senior

I’m looking forward to “making videos for the school. I’m the technology director for the school. I do assembly videos, running all the technical stuff. ... (My challenges include) managing my time between homework and friends and doing video projects.”

— Jonathan Grace, junior

“This school year, I’d say we’re building off our success of last year with our Vans Custom Culture (art) contest, the boys lacrosse state championship and the girls track state championship. ... (We face) the same challenges ... every year: trying to make kids reach their potential, trying to make kids work harder than they want to work — a balance of high expectations and genuine caring for the kids.”

— Ian Lamont, athletic director

“The first couple of weeks are fun because we all have our best game on, the weather’s nice and we’re optimistic. I really love watching my students grow.”

— Edward Derby, English teacher

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