Forest Hills Elementary students discuss their desired super-powers, the advantages of invisibility, who their hero is, rain and what they like about school

My super power would be “magic because then I could make things happen, stop the rain, so we could play in the field.”

— Ian Healy, fourth-grader

My super power would be “laser eyes. ... because on our street there was a gold mine, but now it’s all buried with rocks, so I would melt the rocks and get the gold.”

— Milo Cheesman, first-grader

If I were invisible, “I’d probably sneak into an ice cream shop and eat all of the ice cream, especially the pumpkin ice cream. I love pumpkin ice cream. It’s all good.”

— Ruby Thompson, third-grader

“I like the playground because then I can play all by myself, and I like to play by myself. I like lunchtime — and quiet story time, too, ...when I read books, and I try to go to sleep, but I can’t.”

— Jack Mattoon, kindergartener

“I like being on the leadership team and helping out in the office, and I get all these opportunities in my last year at Forest Hills. ...I like being a leader. I like to help.”

— Lauren O’Toole, fifth-grader

“My hero is my dad because I look up to him, and he’s fun to be around.”

— Calvin Anderson, fifth-grader

What I like about school is “recess, all the teachers, friends. Friends because it’s fun to play with them. Teachers because they’re nice and recess — you get your exercise.”

— Drew Jackman, fourth-grader

On a downpour on Monday: “Now that’s a heavy rain. I’ve seen heavier. I do not like the rain.”

— Clio Steele, first-grader

In the fall, the school’s “no longer silent. It’s got all of the kids here. Summers can be very lonely here.”

— Principal Gwen Hill

“You get a real community feel at the school. ... I love my job.”

—Wende Milner, head secretary

“The kids make us laugh every day — the things they say.”

— Nicole Merino, assistant secretary

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