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Lake Grove Elementary School students are gearing up for Halloween

This week, the Review found out what Lake Grove students are planning to be for Halloween. Pumpkins also came up in the conversation.

Last spring, student David Haskins, with a little help, planted pumpkin seeds at the school, and he’s been harvesting the pumpkins this fall.

What’s it like to grow a pumpkin?

“It takes a really long time. They can grow about this whole school — they can grow that big. … At some pumpkin patches, they grow some really big pumpkins, bigger than they’re supposed to get, and they launch them in the air, and they blow up.”

— David Haskins, second-grader

What are you going to be for Halloween?

“Have you ever read the 'Harry Potter' books? Well, I’m going to be Hermione. I have the robe and the Gryffindor badge. … I chose to be Hermione because (Harry Potter) was a boy, so I didn’t want to be Harry Potter. I just really like her because she’s a girl, and I think I can relate to her because she’s brave, and I think I’m pretty brave.”

— Kyra Templin, fourth-grader

“A skeleton. So, every single year, I want to be a witch or a vampire, but I wanted to be something different. I kind of wanted to be something scary. I like being scary things.”

— Ellie Brown, third-grader

“Robin Hood. (My costume) is just a dress with a belt and little sleeves, and it has a hood and a bow and arrow. ... I like Robin Hood, that (he) steals from the rich and gives to the poor.”

— Tess Kloster, third-grader

“A skeleton because it was one of the coolest costumes they have in the costume store, and it glows in the dark.”

— Joe Able, fifth-grader

“A bad-spirit cheerleader. It’s just a cheerleader costume with a skull, but they don’t really care about other cheerleaders who are all perfect.”

— Natalia Schesso, fifth-grader

“I haven’t quite decided yet. I was a disco queen last year.”

— Carol Whitten, principal

“I have an idea, but I kind of like to keep it a surprise. One year, I was a pirate. I was a Whoopee cushion (another year)."

Darcey Eaton, attendance secretary and media assistant