If you won a $1 million lottery, what would you do with your winnings?

Daniel Matallana

“I’d probably invest it and pay for my brother to go to college and probably not go to college. I’d travel and do whatever I want. I would get a motorcycle and travel across the U.S.”

— Daniel Matallana, senior

Isley Cohen

“I would first want to live in Lake Tahoe, and I would want to have my kids and my kids’ kids be able to go to college without going into debt. And, the rest of it would go to an organization for … abused animals.”

— Isley Cohen, senior

Mac Owen

“I’d buy one of the nicest houses on the lake. I’d buy a Bentley. I’d donate a bunch of money to the Children’s Tumor Foundation.”

— Mac Owen, sophomore

Sergio Mendez

“The first thing I would buy is a Lamborghini, (then) a new phone, and I’d donate (money) to homeless people in Portland and save the rest.”

— Sergio Mendez, sophomore

Maddie Moxness

“I would spend a portion of it giving to this charity I work for. It’s called Northwest Housing Alternatives. Another part of it would be toward paying off loans I’m going to have for college. And, another part of it would be just to save.”

— Maddie Moxness, senior

Shelby Bylsma

“I’d probably give a lot of it to charity and … I’d travel to a lot of different places. I’ve always wanted to go to Greece.”

— Shelby Bylsma, senior

If a genie gave you three wishes, what would you wish for?

Josiah Slater

“This might sound corny, but the first one would be world peace. … I would like to have a newly discovered source of renewable energy and, third wish, I wish that humankind could survive in space: that humans are adaptable to any environment.”

— Josiah Slater, junior

Caroline Neuhoff

“First, I would travel the world. Second, I would be in the fashion industry. Third, I would love to help special needs children — I would love to do that in any way I could, teach them, be a mentor.”

— Caroline Neuhoff, senior

Sophia Harris

I would wish for “infinite wishes.” My wishes would include “the guarantee of a job as a forensic scientist and the guarantee of getting into a master’s program and then a doctorate” program.

— Sophia Harris, senior

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