If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

Carter Pahl

“An eagle because they don’t have very many predators.”

— Carter Pahl, fifth-grade

Gabriella Dover

“Cats are my favorite animal, so I’d probably be something in the cat family like a cheetah, so if I played tag with my friends, I could catch them.”

— Gabriella Dover, fourth-grade

Brock Ferrey

“A chameleon — I want to be able to be an animal that changes color, so a lot of people wouldn’t find me in the forest.”

— Brock Ferrey, third-grade

Paige Ansari

“A bird, so I could fly. One place I would want to fly, even though it’s short, is up in a tree, so I’d be safe from other animals.”

— Paige Ansari, second-grade

Jacob Stuckey

“A cheetah, so I can run fast, and I already run fast anyway.”

— Jacob Stuckey, first-grade

Jackson Hoevet

“A dog, so people would pet me.”

— Jackson Hoevet, kindergarten

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