Children perform a musical Cinderella with support from Missoula Childrens Theatre

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO: LIONEL COLEMAN - Cinderella, far left, played by Sophie Borah, faces off against her cruel stepmother and stepsisters. From left: Lily Brix, Ella Hardie and Ali Hoevet.A 56-student cast came together for Westridge Elementary School’s musical last week with students taking on roles including a smitten prince, a cruel stepmother with wicked daughters — and a pretty lady in rags who transforms into a princess, destined to live happily ever after.

Kelli Hanson, parent volunteer coordinator of Westridge’s “Cinderella,” said the students did a wonderful job, and their joy is what makes being involved at a school special.

“The reason I do it is just to see the smiles on their faces,” Hanson said. “They get so excited and nervous when it begins and then so happy when they’re done.”

Children of all grade levels were involved in “Cinderella,” held at Lakeridge High School on Saturday.

“Truly to get all those kids on stage is the best,” Hanson said. “They’re so good.”by: SUBMITTED PHOTO: LIONEL COLEMAN - Town criers, from left, Grace Skillern and Zachary Jett stand by as the prince, Jack Bignell, finds the right foot for a lost slipper. Sophie Borah plays the slippers owner, Cinderella.

She added that the kids missed a couple of lines, but they just kept on dancing right through any miscue.

Westridge parent Analeis Weidlich said there was a supportive audience.

“The play was a roaring success,” Weidlich said. “The Lakeridge performing arts center was packed with parents, family and friends.”

Westridge Principal Scott Lane said he saw students gain confidence through performing, and one fifth-grader, “who had not always had a passion for school,” “loved it.”

“This student said it was fun to rehearse, make new friends and finally perform the show,” Lane said. “I expect that this experience kindled something in her that will help her stay connected to school and help with the transition to middle school next year.”by: SUBMITTED PHOTO: LIONEL COLEMAN - Bryce Hidalgo starred as king of the realm, a huge, plush crown perched atop his head.

The Missoula Children’s Theatre supported Westridge’s adaptation of the classic fairy tale, providing costumes and a tour actor/director to help. MCT’s founder, Jim Caron, penned the play.

“The show was such a unique take on the Cinderella story,” Westridge parent Lionel Coleman said. “It was true to its roots but with a modern and contemporary flavor. The writing, performances and singing were magnificent.”

It’s the second consecutive year MCT has supported a Westridge production, and the nonprofit organization regularly puts on performances in conjunction with the city of Lake Oswego, said Jonna Michelson, MCT tour marketing director. In 2010, there was an MCT show at Lake Grove Elementary, and in 2007, there was an MCT show at Forest Hills Elementary. Students at the now closed elementary schools, Palisades and Bryant, also put on MCT SUBMITTED PHOTO: LIONEL COLEMAN - Cinderella featured some singing, grooving pumpkins, from left: Lexi Jett, Sammy Melton, Aliya DiVergilio and Kendall Jarman.

MCT representatives tour the world and help arrange children’s productions, and shows are on hand in Oregon at 33 locations this school year and 13 this summer.

“Just this year, we will work with 65,000 children in more than 1,200 communities in all 50 states and 17 countries,” states the group’s website.

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