If you wrote a book, what would the character’s name be, and where would he or she go?

Brock Gjesdal

“The character’s name would probably be Jace, and the book would probably be about basketball, and the book would be like a Michael Jordan story, how he got cut as a freshman and then ended up getting really good and playing in college and beyond.”

— Brock Gjesdal, eighth-grader

Ryder Baumann

“I’m actually writing a book, and my character’s name is Wendell Hayes. I always pictured him in sort of a deserted Western town.”

— Ryder Baumann, seventh-grader

Taylor Reid

“The character’s name would be Luna. She could go to a big city like New York because it could be an adventure book because it’s a big city, and there’s a lot of things to do.”

— Taylor Reid, eighth-grader

Jonah Tappouni

“Brandon, and he’d go to New York. Well, it’s a very popular city, and I like to play basketball, and it’s one of the best cities for watching basketball.” What’s their team? “The New York Knicks.”

— Jonah Tappouni, seventh-grader

Isaiah Walker

“It’d probably be my name, and I’d probably be in the Middle East, and it’d be a desert adventure.”

— Isaiah Walker, eighth-grader

Tiella Spivey

“Beatrice. Narnia.” Why Narnia? “Because it’s cool there.” As in awesome or cold? “Both.”

— Tiella Spivey, seventh-grader

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