What is the most beautiful thing or person you've ever seen, and what did it or the person look like?

Lizzie Bradley

“I think that would have to be the day we went down to the beach to have a campfire on New Year’s Eve last year. It was a big, flaming fire against the sea, and the water was shining and the moon was high in the sky and the rocks were just glittering.”

— Lizzie Bradley, third-grader

Cordelia Megowan

“It’s funny because it’s my sister in ballet. It looked like she was in a white dress with a bun in her hair, and she was wearing really red lipstick, and she was wearing point shoes.”

— Cordelia Megowan, kindergartener

Makena Hammond

“The most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen is a red rose because it looks like a red creature opening up to the sun, and it has sharp thorns.”

— Makena Hammond, first-grader

Zach Avar

“One really beautiful thing is the other day when I laying outside with my parents, I could see the really bright, blue sky and the big tall trees and the grass and all the different shades of green and all the branches: You could see how they could make different shapes and animals. And, the wind was really nice and smooth, and it was blowing all the little, white petals off of trees.”

— Zach Avar, fifth-grader

Arianna Rector

“When we were on the plane to Disneyland, and when you’re on the plane, you look down and the world looks like little dots. It’s so far up in the air.”

— Arianna Rector, first-grader

Justin Rim

“The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen was when I woke up early and I was in Hawaii and I got to see the sunrise. It looked like the sun was half a sun, and there were all these colors.”

— Justin Rim, first-grader

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