Three principals presided at Lakeridge Junior High

by: REVIEW PHOTO: JILLIAN DALEY - Lakeridge Junior High sixth-grader Anika Bjornson was principal for a day on April 18, along with her assistant, Bassi.Who’s the boss?

Last week and earlier this year, the person in charge at Lakeridge Junior High was a lot shorter than the usual guy. Principal Kurt Schultz’s duties went to bid at the school auction in the fall, and two lucky students, sixth-grader Anika Bjornson and seventh-grader Evan Murray, got the chance to act as principal for a day.

Anika, 11, and her 2-year-old service dog, Bassi, sat down at Schultz’s desk on April 18, but not for long.

“It’s different than a normal day during school when you just sit there,” she said. “With this, we keep moving all day, and Bassi needs a nap from moving.”

The English yellow lab was sacked out at her feet by the early afternoon.

Anika oversaw three lunches, printed some pictures and helped with the school newsletter.

“It’s been pretty cool: I don’t have any homework,” she SUBMITTED PHOTO: MARCY WATTS - Lakeridge Junior High Principal Kurt Schultz shared his duties with two students this school year, including seventh-grader Evan Murray.

Evan, 13, took on the principalship Feb. 19, and said he “decided to dress to impress,” attiring himself in similar garb to Schultz’s: button-up shirt, tie, khaki pants, leather belt with a silver buckle and dress shoes. Evan even carried in a coffee mug, just like the top administrator at Lakeridge Junior High.

“The fact that we looked similar today was a happy coincidence,” Schultz said at the time.

Evan’s duties included overseeing lunches and leading the counseling administrators’ meeting.

“You also get to boss people around a little bit like the principal would do and make sure people behave and do what they’re supposed to do,” Evan said. “When I was the principal, I got to help with the lock-in drill and also with the fire drill.”

Evan said he was glad he’d gotten the opportunity and enjoyed the experience, particularly one aspect of it: “Best of all, you get to be excused from all your classes for the whole day.”

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