Commencement ceremony featuring Albert Starr coming up Monday

by: REVIEW PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - The 2014 graduates of Park Academy include, from left: back row: Brandon Vance, Israel David, Drake Freeman and Walter Reyes; and front row: Charlotte King and Isabelle Stenberg. Nicholas Ryan Hess is not pictured.Albert Starr, the world-renowned surgeon and inventor known for his co-development of the Starr-Edwards heart valve, will address the 2014 graduates of Park Academy at their commencement ceremony Monday.

Starr currently is a professor of cardiovascular medicine and chairman of the Knight Cardiovascular Institute at Oregon Health and Science University.

After a great sendoff, Park Academy grads say they’ll carry warm memories with them as they head for college or pursue their professional lives and careers. The seniors recently answered a series of questions about their past, looked toward the future and shared their favorite movie, quote, book — or all three.

Israel David

GPA: 3.9

Future Plans: Pacific Northwest College of Art

Planned area of study: Fine Arts

Favorite class: Philosophy

Favorite memory: When I helped out in the 4th-6th-grade class teaching history, math and English.

Favorite movie: The animation movie “Waking Life”

Walter Reyes

GPA: 3.1

Future Plans: Video game designing

Planned area of study: Art/writing

Favorite class: Pop Culture Literature

Favorite memory: Going to OMSI

Favorite movie: “Jurassic Park”

Favorite quote: “Got it memorized.”

Brandon Vance

GPA: 3.5

Future Plans: Going to Portland Community College to do my prerequisites and then off to a four-year university.

Planned area of study: Psychology and family counseling

Favorite class: Social studies

Favorite memory: Driving in a golf cart with a fellow student while getting chased by bees.

Favorite quote: Voltaire: “God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.”

Isabelle Stenberg

GPA: 3.1

Future Plans: Portland Community College

Planned area of study: Vet tech

Favorite class: History

Favorite memory: Going to the pumpkin-patch maze in the dark.

Favorite movie: “Gone with the Wind”

Charlotte King

GPA: 3.1

Future Plans: I’m going to start at Portland Community College this winter.

Planned area of study: Medicine and Japanese

Favorite class: Pop Culture Literature

Favorite memory: The Pop Literature class, annoying Max with ice puns from the movie “Batman and Robin.”

Favorite movie and quote from same: Arnold in “Troll 2”: “They’re eating her ... and then they’re going to eat me ... OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!”

Drake Freeman

GPA: 3.5

Future Plans: Walla Walla Community college

Planned area of study: Viticulture & Enology

Favorite class: Math

Favorite memory: Mrs. Mart’s math class

Favorite movie: “Inception”

Nicholas Ryan Hess

GPA: 3.35

Future Plans: Portland Community College

Planned area of study: Music, mathematics/physics

Favorite class: Art, math, music, philosophy

Favorite memory: When Mrs. Mart taught math class, and playing music in Mr. Sakamoto’s class.

Favorite works: Bach’s “Goldberg variations,” “Five Centuries of Keyboard Music” by John Gillespie and “Mozart: A Life” by Maynard Solomon

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