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Heard Around School: River Grove Elementary School

What is your favorite meal, who makes it and why do you like it?

Declan Southard

“My favorite is cheeseburgers or tacos. Usually if they’re homemade, it would be my dad because he cooks. Because they’re foods I just like. Because they get your taste buds all fired up — that means all fired up like soldiers.”

— Declan Southard, second-grader

Davis Jones

“Hot dogs. If it’s homemade, it’s by my mom. I like the mustard and ketchup mixed together.”

— Davis Jones, kindergartner

Kadyn Faus

“Fruit salad. Sometimes my mom and sometimes I do. I like how it’s sweet and juicy.”

— Kadyn Faus, third-grader

Max Ronner-Bland

“Tuna avocado lettuce wraps. My mom. It just tastes good — the avocado and the tuna.”

— Max Ronner-Bland, third-grader

Aella Carmichael

“Macaroni and cheese. If it’s homemade, my mom makes it. (I like it) because of the flavors."

— Aella Carmichael, first-grader

Brandon Lazo

“Pizza. Little Caesars Pizza. Their pizza tastes good. Pepperoni!”

— Brandon Lazo, fifth-grader

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