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MurrayEveryone living in Lake Oswego recognizes that this place is different. With its high-quality schools, impeccably clean streets and impressive houses, LO is known for being an affluent town. You cannot walk down the street without seeing impressive cars driving down the roads and expertly groomed lawns framing homes. However, despite its pleasant aspects, many people, especially students, wish that they were free from this “bubble.”

The “bubble” that is LO has become a running joke throughout the high school community. People continuously poke fun at our town, whether it is in the hallways on their way to class or in front of the entire school at the annual Mayfete assembly. There is even an award given out at the senior assembly to those individuals who are destined to “return to LO and live vicariously through their children.”

Usually these jokes are told in a way where the comedians are expressing their urgent need to leave LO. These jokes are a different and more humorous way of complaining about the situation these students are placed in. However, it is time that high school students learn that complaining will get you nowhere.

Complaining about conditions that cannot be changed only increases your annoyance with the situation. Being proactive and solution-oriented is the only way to address the issue. But who says that living in LO is even an issue?

While some residents relocate to LO, others are born and raised within the borders of this close-knit town. Those who have grown up surrounded by the unique lifestyle of LO often wish that they lived in a different city, one that is more diverse. This is a common case of wanting what you do not have.

Many people strive to live in LO, due to its prestigious reputation. They work long hours at strenuous jobs in order to ensure that they can own a house inside the walls of this bubble. Dozens of parents struggle with work so that they can provide their families with an opportunity to live in LO’s safe environment. While they aim to come into the town, others on the inside endeavor to leave.

Often, students that I have talked to feel that LO is constricting and stereotypical. They want an environment that is less strict on the rules and, basically, less focused on perfection. These students disregard the fact that LO breeds incredible individuals due to this need for perfection. Countless times, we hear that students come back from college saying that they are more prepared than a majority of their peers, who come from prestigious private high schools. Current high school students do not realize the amazing school and society they have available to them.

While students believe that there are better opportunities outside of LO, the truth is that they are simply not looking hard enough. Lake Oswego offers a wide variety of options for citizens, ranging from theater to sports to community service and everything in between. If students were to take full advantage of these activities, they would realize that LO has everything and more that they are currently looking for in other towns. Instead of complaining about LO, students should become more involved in the community and realize the great qualities our city has to offer.

Eventually, most of us will leave LO to embark on our own adventures outside of the bubble. While some may fulfill their wishes of never again setting foot inside LO, others will find comfort in returning home to their families for holidays or breaks.

No matter how much we complain or desire to live in another community, Lake Oswego will always be our home where we spent many years of our lives. Rather than wasting these years, we should become involved and create lasting memories in our town.

Mckenna Murray is a junior at Lake Oswego High School and a guest columnist for The Review. She can be reached at education@lakeoswegoreview.com.

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