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Registration kicks off the school year

Local high schoolers gear up for another year with school pictures and more

REVIEW PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Reese Dennett gathers his books during freshmen
registration. Thousands of students were gearing up for high school last week throughout Lake Oswego.

At Lakeridge High School, about 1,000 students registered, while at Lake Oswego High School, more than 1,100 students signed up for classes. But whichever side of Oswego Lake students were on, the rituals were much the same, with new schedules, photos and locker assignments all part of the annual routine.

Classes resume next week in the Lake Oswego School District, and many schools are holding open houses and barbecues to prepare for the big day.

LOHS Principal Rollin Dickinson says that at his school, students received their schedules, posed for school pictures, checked out textbooks, received their locker assignments, paid fees and “reconnected with each other.” Dickinson says he felt heartened to see the students again.

“Schools are strange places in the summer without students in them,” he says. “It felt so good to have the students back — their energy, their voices, that excitement. We are so thankful to our parents and our staff, who did such an outstanding job helping with registration and adding to the warmth and positivity.”

Lakeridge Principal Jennifer Schiele says she organizes registration with stations spread throughout the building. REVIEW PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Lakeridge freshman Lauren Denton stows her books in her new locker during registration last week.Students move through the halls to pick up their class schedule, books, locker assignments and parking pass (if they drive to school).

Student also get their photo taken, receive their school ID and “spend time comparing their classes with other students,” she says.

“We had upper-classmen students from Link Crew there during freshman registration to help students open their locker and show them around the building,” she says. “It was a very successful registration and exciting to have all of the students back in the building. It is going to be a fantastic school year!”

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REVIEW PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Pat Yu pays fees for her son Maxwell Moore during last week's freshman registration at Lakeridge High  School.