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Students globe trot without leaving the country

Students participate in annual Culture Travel event

SUBMITTED PHOTO: BRENDA BALLEW - Lake Grove third-grader Berit Ballew wears a traditional Indonesian hat and dress while standing in front of a poster of a ninth-century Buddhist temple, Borobudur.The entire Lake Grove Elementary School student body traveled to Indonesia last week — in spirit.

As part of the school’s annual Culture Travel event to open children’s minds to the customs and history of other countries, Brenda Ballew, whose third-grader Berit attends Lake Grove, created displays from Indonesia.

The Ballews lived in South Korea for three years and in Jakarta, Indonesia for six years, returning to the states two years ago. Brenda Ballew said her family traveled for her husband’s job in Nike footwear development.

From Feb 1-5, students traveled to Indonesia with the Ballews, tasting food such as noodles and chicken saté, trying on traditional batik clothing and enjoying wayang kulit (shadow puppets and gamelan musical instruments).