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Heard Around School: Lakeridge High School

What is your favorite app, and why do you like it?

“Snapchat (texting with pictures) — I think it’s faster than texting, and it gets the point across. With a text, there’s no sarcasm, but with Snapchat, you can send a picture that’s a sarcastic face.”

— Lillyanne Mann, junior

Lillyanne Mann

“I like Twitter because I like to see what people are doing and what they think about something. Like if we go to an assembly, they say, ‘The assembly was cool.’ Also, you can use it for homework. You can say, ‘I need help.’”

— Hailey McCulloch, sophomore

Hailey McCulloch

“The music app that comes with the iPhone. It plays all my music, and I try not to use my phone for games because games are a waste of time.

— Jonathan Grace, senior

Jonathan Grace

The iMessage … I transferred from Sherwood, so sometimes I want to catch up and talk with my friends.”

— Jake Spurgeon, senior

Jake Spurgeon

“There’s the Google Drive app … You can get to it online, but it’s nice to have an app that does it for you because you can write papers on there and share with teachers, and teachers can share with you.”

— Mackenzie Coder, sophomore

Mackenzie Coder

“I’m going to go for Snapchat because it’s easy to talk to people. It’s quick and fast. It’s a picture: You add a caption and then you send it.”

— Zach Proffitt, freshman

Zach Proffitt

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