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College Notes

The Review regularly prints lists of college graduates, academic dean’s list honorees, scholarship winners and new college students. Here’s the latest information sent to the newspaper by parents and schools:

Bard College at Simon’s Rock

Amy Ralston, a 17-year-old, earned a place on the dean’s list for the spring 2015 semester. Ralston was homeschooled at her Lake Oswego residence before leaving to attend college early.

Carleton College

Lianne Siegel of Lake Oswego has been named to the Class of 2017 dean’s list. The list recognizes academic excellence; it is compiled each summer and is drawn from the top 10 percent of the previous

year’s freshman, sophomore and junior classes.

Chapman University

USTA Foundation, the national charitable foundation of the United States Tennis Association, has awarded Nicole Fouts of Lake Oswego an $8,000 College Educational Scholarship. Fouts, a graduate of Jesuit High School, is attending Chapman University this fall. She and other honorees were selected from a national pool of applicants based not only on their participation in tennis but also their commitment to academic success and their local community.

Colgate University

Benjamin Remlinger of Lake Oswego was accepted at Colgate University, and Sean Corrigan of Lake Oswego earned the Dean’s Award for academic excellence for the spring semester.

Creighton University

Haley Warren of Lake Oswego, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, was named to the dean’s list for spring 2015.

Midwestern University

Stephanie Tarlow (Lakeridge High Class of 2009) graduated with a Master of Medical Science in physician assistant studies at the College of Health Sciences of Midwestern University. Tarlow is the daughter of Lake Oswego residents David and Lori Tarlow. She earned a bachelor’s in biology from University of Oregon in 2013, graduating magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. Tarlow plans to pursue a job in endocrinology and intends to treat people who have Type 1 diabetes.

Northeastern University

Lake Oswego resident Paul Diebold, who is majoring in mechanical engineering, was named to the dean’s list for the spring semester. Paul Diebold is a member of the University Honors Program.

Oregon State University

Many Lake Oswego residents earned a place on the spring semester honor roll.

Straight-A Average: Danica Berry, freshman, food science and technology; Ashley Coleman, senior, art; Natalie Coleman, senior, biology; Michael B. Conan, senior, accountancy; Katharine Ellis, sophomore, pre-business; Samuel Engebose, senior, athletic training; Evan Gonnerman, junior, pre-mechanical engineering; Catrina Klossner, senior, electrical and computer engineering; Shannon Locke, freshman, anthropology; Emily McCallum, sophomore, microbiology; Lauren Olson, sophomore, food science and technology; Nadjalisse Reynolds-Lallem, sophomore, biochemistry and biophysics; Anastasia Ritter, sophomore, biohealth sciences; Anna Seydel, sophomore, exercise and sport science; Alexa Stirek, sophomore, psychology; Sarah Sutton, sophomore, public health; Natasha Wallis, senior, nutrition; Amy Wyman, senior, pre-computer science; Navid Ziaie, senior, microbiology.

3.5 or Better: Patricia Ashenden, junior, human development and family science; Elena Beitzel, sophomore, exercise and sport science; Mitchell Bernards, sophomore, pre-mechanical engineering; Daniel Bilaniv, junior, biohealth sciences; Tyler Binns, senior, construction engineering management; Ethan Braun, sophomore, pre-computer science; Rachel Braun, junior, speech communication; Natalie Calhoon, sophomore, human development and family science; Rachel Chlebnikow, junior, public health; Kathryn Cowsert, senior, human development and family science; Latane Cox, senior, industrial engineering; Eleonso Cristobal, freshman, biohealth sciences; Braxton Cuneo, sophomore, pre-chemical engineering; Richard Day, junior, pre-civil engineering; Lacey Doby, freshman, university exploratory studies; Mika Donahue, freshman, pre-accountancy; Annalia Doran-Volz, junior, human development and family science; John Foy, sophomore, economics; Aimee Friedemann, senior, microbiology; Michael Gallagher, junior, finance; Anna Gassner, junior, accountancy; Gary Gates, sophomore, pre-bioengineering; Blake Gjesdal, sophomore, pre-business; Nicole Gregoire, senior, exercise and sport science; Rachel Griggs, junior, human development and family science; Jonathan Guthrie, junior, construction engineering management; Jenna Hawkes, senior, public health; Morgan Hawkes, senior, marketing; Wyatt Hayden, senior, bioengineering; Stefan Herrenbruck, senior, business information systems; Carolyn Hoard, freshman, pre-business; Christopher Hull, junior, computer science; Jesse Johnson, sophomore, mathematics; Chase Jutzi, freshman, food science and technology; Christine Kang, senior, bioengineering; John Karl, senior, forest engineering; Gabriel Kauffman, sophomore, pre-computer science; Todd Kim, senior, marketing; Ian Kronquist, senior, pre-computer science; Paul Lantow, senior, pre-computer science; Sienna Lochtie, freshman, nutrition; Owen Madin, senior, chemical engineering; Riley McGuire, junior, human development and family science; Madeline Meier, junior, marketing; William Meier, sophomore, biology; Brian Morse, junior, sociology; Clarice Mottet, senior, mathematics; Christina Mueller, sophomore, pre-business; Jeffrey Nakashima, senior, construction engineering management; Henry Nguyen, sophomore, biohealth sciences; Alexsandra Noakes, sophomore, biohealth sciences; Jonathan Oelrich, freshman, pre-civil engineering; Kyle Peterson, sophomore, biology; Sydney Quinton-Cox, junior, pre-bioengineering; Hayley Rausch, junior, nutrition; Jonathan Ritter, senior, botany; Jordan Roland, sophomore, exercise and sport science; Alexandra Rumpakis, senior, marketing; Andrew Sandall, junior, economics; Erika Sawka, senior, nutrition; Madison Scott, sophomore, pre-business; Sarah Seals, senior, bioengineering; Noor Sheikh, sophomore, pre-public health; Omar Sheikh, senior, bioengineering; Sean Simonson, freshman, pre-mechanical engineering; Christine Turner, senior, chemical engineering; Glenn Upthagrove, sophomore, pre-computer science; Thomas Viggiano, junior, pre-chemical engineering; Olivia Vollan, junior, sociology; Mesa Walker, sophomore, chemistry; Conner Westcott, junior, pre-chemical engineering; Austin Wright, freshman, pre-business; Hakyoung You, junior, microbiology; Jessica Yun, freshman, pre-business.

University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Martin Winter of Lake Oswego, who is majoring in psychology, was named to the dean’s list for the spring 2015 semester.

Western Governors University

Michael Griffin of Lake Oswego has received his Bachelor of Science in information technology-security emphasis.

Washington State University

Lauren Rachel Young of Lake Oswego has graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in history.

Western Oregon University

Several students from Lake Oswego have graduated from WOU: Carolee Buck, Bachelor of Science in biology, cum laude); Iain Dexter, Bachelor of Arts in communication studies, magna cum laude; Joy Eriksson, Master of Science in education; Christopher Izsak, Bachelor of Science in criminal justice, cum laude; Kyle Lavender, Master of Science in education; Madeline Ragozzino, Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary studies; Shaun Whittle, Bachelor of Science in philosophy, summa cum laude.

Shaun Whittle, of Lake Oswego, has earned a place on the president’s list.

Three students from Lake Oswego have earned a place on the honor roll: Iain Nicholas Dexter, who also graduated, and Andie Elizabeth Freyer and Benjamin Herman Lesh.