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May Fete court revealed

Anna Kulawiec is this year's queen

SUBMITTED PHOTO: KIARA GREEN - The May Fete court (from left): back row, Katie Owens, Nehalem Kunkle-Read, Libby Newcomer and Abby Castle; and front row, Darby Buhlmann, Lauren Working, McKenna Anders, Carrie Czarnecki and Anna Kulawiec. Not pictured is Emily Leach.The theme for this spring's annual burst of activities at Lake Oswego High School — complete with naming a queen and court, waltzing and a day of skits — was “Let’s Make May Fete Great Again.”

On April 29, the queen of May Fete was crowned, and the bell of the ball was senior Anna Kulawiec, who will be attending University of Oregon’s Honors College this fall.

There is no king for the event, but the female court, resplendent with floral wreaths atop their heads, does have escorts who guide them across the dance floor. The princesses are seniors: McKenna Anders, Darby Buhlmann, Abby Castle, Carrie Czarnecki, Nehalem Kunkle-Read, Emily Leach, Libby Newcomer, Katie Owens and Lauren Working.

— The Review