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Here's a sneak preview of the Lakeridge fashion show

New categories include PJ Party, Comic Con and Favorite Musicals

REVIEW PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Models for the upcoming Lakeridge High school fashion show include (from left): front row, Selah Crisp and Sam Wolfe; and back row, Brennan Watkins, Logan Marek and Daniel Farthing.Lakeridge High School’s annual senior fashion show returns April 3 — with a whole new look.

The “Destination Forward” show and grad night party fundraiser will debut a cavalcade of new categories: PJ Party, Comic Con, Favorite Musicals and Favorite Musical Artists. One hundred students will model the work of 10 designers, and several of these volunteers offered The Review a sneak peek at the upcoming benefit.

“The high point will be getting on that runway,” says senior Logan Marek, a model. “It’s going to be pretty great. I have a snazzy outfit planned. It’s going to be possibly ‘Star Wars’ themed.”

Marek wouldn’t reveal whether that meant he’d don a Darth Vader cape or Han Solo vest. He says his “Instagram channel speaks for itself” when it comes to his modeling prowess, a statement he follows with a huge smile.

Senior Selah Crisp, also a model, discovered an icy-blue vintage dress ideal for Elsa, the white-haired princess and ice sorceress of the Disney animated film “Frozen.” The right dress also turned up for Elsa’s sister Anna, a brave, buoyant, red-headed princess. Designers’ embellishments will add the right character to the outfits.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Seniors Sam Wolf, left, and Selah Crisp plan to dress as icy Elsa and plucky Anna from 'Frozen' for the Lakeridge fashion show.“I like the Anna and Elsa costumes, and I’m looking forward to showing that off,” Crisp says.

The seniors had a chance to decide on the categories themselves this year, says Christina Monk, a fashion show volunteer and mom of a sixth-grade son and two daughters, a senior and a sophomore at

Lakeridge. These kinds of lighthearted fashion genres let the teens “be creative and show their style and have some fun at the end of their senior year,” Monk says.

The show includes dessert and a silent auction featuring items including a homemade quilt, a role in a murder mystery party, a wine-and-cheese gift basket and spa gift basket. Company, the school’s show choir, also will perform. The fashion extravaganza is also the main fundraiser for the alcohol- and drug-free party scheduled after graduation, Monk says.

“Volunteers take the seniors somewhere fun right after the graduation ceremony at 10 o’clock at night, and we bring them home at 5 a.m. in the morning,” Monk says. “This way, we know they’re safe and can be with (their) friends one last time, and their families don’t have to worry. ... It’s all supervised by a bunch of junior and senior parents.”

Lakeridge senior Sam Wolf, who will emcee and model in the Elsa dress Crisp found, is excited to bring the seniors together for “one last hurrah,” besides the grad night party, before every senior embarks upon the next stage in life. Wolf says it’s healthy to gather at times of great change.

“If we can be together, we all get to reminisce and remind each other we’re not alone,” Wolf says.

She doesn’t want to give anything away, but she hints the event will be “full of surprises.”

Monk says the school administration has a surprise performance in store, for example, and a video by Pacer dads also will be unveiled.

Potential revelations aside, students say there is much more to look forward to, including the participants. Daniel Farthing, a senior and model, says locals should catch the seniors while they still can.

“See us before we become famous,” Farthing says, inspiring himself and several models around him to laugh loudly.

Seriously, though, he is thrilled about the show.

“It’s a good way to get involved and have fun,” Farthing says.

Senior and model Brennan Watkins isn’t even concerned about crashing on the runway.

“If we did fall, it would just add to the show,” Watkins says.

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