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LOHS student finalist in poetry competition

Meghana Mysore says contest affirms 'poetry is still alive'

MYSOREA columnist for The Review has been named one of 12 Poet Ambassadors in the Portland metro area.

Lake Oswego High School senior Meghana Mysore, one of two Laker Notes writers, and the other 11 Poet Ambassadors are finalists in the Portland Youth Poet Laureate Project (PYPLP). Each of these writers will be proposing a service-learning project to showcase creativity, leadership and commitment to their fellow youths in the Portland metro area.

“It’s an incredible opportunity for youth voices to be heard and an affirmation of the fact that poetry matters and is still alive,” Mysore says. “It has given me confidence in what I have to say and reminded me that young people and old people

and middle-aged people — all people — have something to say.”

The project is the work of Spit/WRITE, a “diversity and youth-voice initiative” of the Portland theater company Artists Repertory Theatre. One or more of the service-learning projects will win not only recognition, but also funding, according to the Spit/WRITE website. To that end, participants must create a budget and a timeline, determine what will be delivered as a result of the project and evaluate their project’s effectiveness.

The competition will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 28, at Artists Repertory Theatre, 1515 S.W. Morrison St. in Portland. The audience will decide which yearlong project or projects will receive $1,000 in funding. The more $35 donations the group receives, the more projects it can fund. It is called the “35 for 12 Challenge.”

Each of the 12 Poet Ambassadors has a quote on the Spit/WRITE website. Mysore’s is: “All of us have poems inside of us — nascent, budding thoughts, lacking proper enjambment and stanza breaks, but existing nonetheless. We must only pick up the pen and write.”

For more information, visit www.spitwrite.com.

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