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Hallinan team donates thousands to Humane Society

Local fifth-graders vastly exceed their $250 coin drive goal

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Hallinan Elementary School fifth-graders (from left) Charlotte Pence, Allison Jaffe, Danielle Jaffe and Chloe Kim beam with their collection after a coin drive.Hallinan Elementary School’s Midnight Ninjas, Curfew at 7 have struck again — in a really good way.

The all-girl, fifth-grade team wanted to help animals as part of its Destination Imagination (DI) service-learning project, so the group decided to hold a coin drive from Jan. 11-15 for the Oregon Humane Society (OHS).

DI is a nonprofit educational organization that aims to inspire the next generation to become innovators and leaders. DI’s mission is to instill the creative process in students through science, technology, engineering and math, the arts and service-learning challenges.

“The team’s goal was to collect $250 for OHS,” parent and team coach Louise Jaffe says. “They decided that if every child donated a dime a day (or 50 cents over the week) they would hit their goal.”

The Midnight Ninjas, Curfew at 7 more than exceeded the mark, raising $3,094.52 for OHS.

“We are really excited and happy, because our goal was $250 and to be able to help the animals that much, it was just amazing,” fifth-grade Ninja Allison Jaffe says. “And our school was able to come together and give that much.”

The team crafted a Golden Retriever Award to honor the top donor, but it had to make another one when Robin Lindsey and Kate Larson’s classes tied for first with $544.57.

“I was really happy that we had to make another award,” fifth-grade Ninja Charlotte Pence says. “I felt hnthat that meant that we had reached our goal, and we were really helping the animals.”

The first-place winners got a movie and popcorn party; the Silver Retriever Award-winning class will enjoy a Popsicle party, and the Bronze Retriever Award-winning class will receive 10 extra minutes of recess.

The coin drive featured a variety of creative efforts, including a presentation at a school-wide assembly, placing scoreboards at the front of the school that regularly tracked donations and writing a song to encourage donations.

The lyrics of the song are set to “The Hanging Tree” from the “Hunger Games” movies: “Are you, are you, coming to the drive?/They hung up a scoreboard, to help the animals thrive./Great things could happen, for animals in need/If you give to the Humane Society.”

In addition to cash, bags of dog and cat food also were part of the haul. That’s because one team member asked for donations to OHS in lieu of presents for her birthday.

“In the end,” Jaffe says, “the real winner is OHS.”

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