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Hallinan team is DInamite

Kids collect 2.5 tons of clothes for charity

Photo Credit: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Members of DInamite led an effort to collect 2.5 tons of clothes for charity. Front row: Dash Kim; back row (from left): Lily McMullen, Zac Aghdaei, Allison Jaffe, Chloe Kim, Danielle Jaffe.Hallinan Elementary School fifth-grader Dash Kim was almost breathless with joy on Friday.

“I’m kind of happy right now,” he said, “because we just raised one ton in one day.”

Dash is a member of the six-person Destination Imagination team that collected 5,116 pounds of clothes during a clothing drive for the faith-based nonprofit Northwest Children’s Outreach, which supports families with garments, diapers and other kid necessities.

Destination Imagination is a nonprofit organization that asks student teams to solve open-ended challenges and present solutions at tournaments. Hallinan’s team, DInamite, took on a service learning challenge called “Brand Aid.”

“Our team’s theme is ‘Helping kids in need,’” Dash said.

The Brand Aid challenge required participants to identify a need in the community and design a project to address it. Students had to create a live presentation to highlight the project and use graphic arts and sounds to create a brand that would help meet the project goal.

It seems simple, but it wasn’t easy. DInamite hit a few snags and had to adjust, but the results tell an impressive story.

The group worked to collect clothes during the week of Jan. 12-16. On Monday, the team collected 400 pounds, but donations dropped on Tuesday to 300 pounds. So the team sent their classmates home with a bag and a wish list of what Northwest Children’s Outreach needs, and on Wednesday, 800 pounds of clothes came in.

DInamite also arranged to have a contest with prizes to inspire donations, including an hour of board games, an ice cream party and a pizza party. As excitement swelled, so did donations, with 1,147 pounds coming in on Thursday and an additional 2,469 pounds arriving on Friday.Photo Credit: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Hallinan Elementary School students celebrate a successful clothing drive while members of team DInamite perch in a truck U-Haul let the team use for free to transport the donated clothes.

“I always knew they had it in them,” said Dash’s mom, Alicia Kim. “It’s been exciting to see them get really excited about something where they understand the impact they’re having on other kids.”

Team members are fifth-graders Lily McMullen and Zac Aghdaei; Dash’s sister Chloe, a fourth-grader; and fourth-grade twins Allison and Danielle Jaffe. They dropped off the clothes in a truck that U-Haul allowed the children to use rent-free.

“I think it’s special anyway when a kid helps with any cause, but I think it’s more relatable to them” when it’s a kid, Alicia Kim said. “They think someone just like me could use these boots, or they see a toy or a game and they think, ‘This is awesome. I like this.’ And they’re excited for whoever ends up with it.”

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