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The Review regularly prints lists of college graduates, academic dean’s list honorees, scholarship winners and new college students. Announcements, which are sent to the newspaper by parents and schools, are released in the order they are received.

Oregon State University

These students from Lake Oswego made the winter-term honor roll. (The Review will release the OSU spring honor roll and grads lists later this summer.)

Straight-A Average: Kayla Allen, freshman, biohealth sciences; Maxwell Anderson, freshman, university exploratory studies; Courtney Ball, senior, psychology; Michael Conan, senior, accountancy; Katharine Ellis, junior, business information systems; Zachary Fried, freshman, chemistry; Blake Gjesdal, sophomore, pre-business; Hannah Hadi, post baccalaureate, graphic design; Kevin Le, junior, exercise and sport science; Keith Lippincott, senior, computer science; Shannon Locke, sophomore, anthropology; Jonathan Oelrich, sophomore, pre-business; Nadjalisse Reynolds-Lallem, junior, biochemistry and biophysics; Nikita Rozanov, junior, pre-chemical engineering; Peggy Spangler, post baccalaureate, nutrition; Erica Suh, freshman, pre-merchandising management; Kelsey Walker, sophomore, digital communication arts; Camden Wulf, freshman, psychology; Amy Wyman, senior, civil engineering.

3.5 or greater: Ranya Al-Khaledy, sophomore, pre-bioengineering; Yousif Almulla, junior, mathematics; Jack Anderson, junior, exercise and sport science; Elena Beitzel, junior, kinesiology; Danica Berry, sophomore, food science and technology; Daniel Bilaniv, senior, biohealth sciences; Sophie Blauer, sophomore, biohealth sciences; Ethan Braun, junior, pre-computer science; Rachel Braun, senior, speech communication; Zack Buhlmann, freshman, economics; Nolan Cannady, senior, bioengineering; Claire Carter, freshman, pre-merchandising management; Domo Choo, freshman, pre-marketing; Alexandra Clem, sophomore, pre-accountancy; Jordan Crane, senior, electrical and computer engineering; Eleonso Cristobal, sophomore, biohealth sciences; Braxton Cuneo, junior, computer science; Ellee Daskalos, senior, exercise and sport science; Joshua Diedrich, freshman, pre-computer science; Lacey Doby, sophomore, biohealth sciences; Mika Donahue, sophomore, renewable materials; MaLi Dong, senior, bioengineering; Annalia Doran-Volz, senior, human development and family science; Brandon Emmert, freshman, pre-business; Stanley Feng, senior, biology; Michael Gallagher, senior, finance; Gary Gates, junior, pre-bioengineering; Evan Gonnerman, senior, mechanical engineering; Alexander Grensky, junior, mathematics; Conor Griffin, senior, industrial engineering; Nathan Gruen, sophomore, pre-business; Jonathan Guthrie, senior, construction engineering management; Justin Hanson, freshman, pre-business; Nicholas Harrod, freshman, pre-construction engineering management; Wyatt Hayden, senior, bioengineering; Connor Haynes, senior, pre-chemical engineering; Nicole Helm, freshman, kinesiology; Olivia Hill, senior, Spanish; Amanda Hillen, freshman, pre-business; Zohar Hoter, sophomore, pre-mechanical engineering; Christopher Hull, senior, computer science; Burton Jaursch, freshman, pre-business; Jordynn Jennings, senior, exercise and sport science; Christine Kang, senior, bioengineering; Gabriel Kauffman, sophomore, pre-computer science; Michael Kiever, freshman, pre-business; Todd Kim, senior, marketing; Zachary Levison, sophomore, earth sciences; Dylan Mackenzie, senior, electrical and computer engineering; Owen Madin, senior, chemical engineering; Kendall Magnuson, senior, public health; Emily McCallum, junior, microbiology; Lydia McClaran, senior, general science; Alexandra Meader, junior, finance; Madeline Meier, senior, marketing; Mckenna Moore, sophomore, pre-graphic design; Henry Nguyen, sophomore, biohealth sciences; Lauren Olson, junior, food science and technology; Diana Oppenheimer, freshman, biology; Maxwell Oppenheimer, freshman, pre-general engineering; Lindsey Paldino, freshman, pre-business; Keana Pigg, freshman, anthropology; Avery Prentice, sophomore, pre-business; Andrew Provost, sophomore, environmental economics and policy; Reilly Quinn, sophomore, history; Sydney Quinton-Cox, senior, bioengineering; Ryan Ramey, senior, accountancy; Hayley Rausch, senior, nutrition; Marisa Rigo, freshman, kinesiology; David Sahni, sophomore, pre-chemical engineering; Andrew Sandall, senior, economics; Melanie Santiago, sophomore, pre-accountancy; Henry Scott, freshman, pre-business; Madison Scott, junior, management; Anna Seydel, junior, exercise and sport science; Margret Simonson, freshman, animal sciences; Sean Simonson, sophomore, pre-mechanical engineering; Carl Soder, junior, history; Jonathan Stephens, sophomore, pre-bioengineering; Alexa Stirek, junior, psychology; Andrew Sutton, freshman, food science and technology; Madison Swackhamer, senior, digital communication arts; Amanda Swartzmiller, senior, sociology; Grant Thesing, freshman, university exploratory studies; Jose Valderrama, senior, manufacturing engineering; Luke Van Lehman, freshman, biology; Thomas Viggiano, senior, chemical engineering; Olivia Vollan, senior, sociology; Kaitlyn Wachtel, sophomore, biology; Joshua Watkins, freshman, biology; Cameron Watson, freshman, biology; Addison Wurtz, sophomore, English; Alexandre York, junior, pre-chemical engineering; Yiting Zheng, freshman, psychology.

Pepperdine University

The following Lake Oswego residents have been named to Pepperdine’s Seaver College dean’s list for the fall semester: Sydney Jones and Amy Sohlberg.

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