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'One of a kindness'

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EUCKERGlassybaby was formed 15 years ago as a small cry against cancer. Today, it is a large, thriving business that helps fund more than 400 organizations, aiding those in need.

Lee Rhodes, a three-time cancer survivor, founded glassybaby in 2001. During chemo treatments in 1995, she met patients who couldn’t afford basic needs such as bus fare, child care or groceries. Inspired to launch glassybaby, Rhodes made it her mission to use the company to help alleviate those struggles by donating 10 percent of proceeds from the sale of handcrafted candleholders toward cancer research.

Now selling a variety of products in meaningful hues, the company aids charities ranging from the Humane Society and children’s arts organizations to the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and a group that helps protect manta rays in our oceans. Part of the proceeds for certain products is still invested in cancer research.

Since the founding of glassybaby in Madrona, Wash., the company has given $5,202,552 to those in need, and its work has touched many lives.

A temporary glassybaby store is now open at 390 N. State St. in downtown Lake Oswego, and on Sept. 15, it hosted a fundraiser called “Light the Lake” to support the fight against children’s cancer. More than 50 participants pre-ordered white candle holders and picked them up on the night of the event.

The fundraiser was located at Millennium Plaza Park, and many bystanders dropped in to learn about the wonderful legacy glassybaby has created.

Rhodes was at the event, and she gave a touching speech that brought her, and listeners, to tears. Following the speech, each participant placed his or her lighted candle along a chalk design that symbolized healing and hope. With the symbol etched with soft light into the dark night, viewers became emotionally connected with the story of glassybaby and how it uniquely changes lives and raises awareness of world problems.

“Each glassybaby has a story,” event participant Kelli Hanson said. “They are positive reminders of the special causes they support, as well as the special friends I received each one from.”

The candle holders are all handmade, with rich color and intangible meaning. They are great gifts for loved ones! Some customers reportedly own hundreds of them — a collection of color and a vibrant hope of solving humanitarian issues.

Peg Mahler, another event participant said, “What strikes me most about glassybaby is that they not only produce beautiful candle products, but they also give to charity.”

One of many women who said they will be purchasing from glassybaby again, Mahler is looking forward to seeing how this company progresses and to see if it will meet its goal of $6 million in donations by the end of 2016.

The temporary glassybaby location in Lake Oswego will be open fthrough Dec. 31. Each candle holder is crafted with love and pure intentions to make the world a better place with every purchase. Each glassybaby is not only one of a kind, but also coincides with the glassybaby motto of “one of a kindness.”

Lakeridge High School junior Ava Eucker is one of two Pacer Notes columnists for The Review. Contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..