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Lakeridge Junior High awardees announced

Students earn honors in a host of categories

REVIEW FILE PHOTO: JILLIAN DALEY - Did someone you know at Lakeridge Junior High win an award? Find out in this week's Review. Read next week's edition to discover the Lake Oswego Junior High awardees.Lakeridge and Lake Oswego junior high schools celebrate their students with dozens of awards every year.

The awards celebrate student achievement in areas including science, writing and art.

Because of space constraints, The Review can only run one school’s honors at a time, so with the flip of a coin, we are starting with Lakeridge Junior High School this week. Next week, read all about the LOJ winners.

Here are the names of LJHS students who were recognized during the June 9 Formal Awards Assembly:

Rotary Speech, Essay and Video Contest Winners

Each year, Lake Oswego Rotary Club sponsors a speech, essay and creative media competition centered around the group’s guiding principles, which form “The Four Way Test.”

The winners are:

- Essay category: Sara Shallenberger, first place

- Speech category: Natalie Goldberg, first place; and Jack Oliverio, second place

- Creative media category: Sofia Corso, first place.

Science Awards

In their eighth-grade year, all students design an inquiry experiment that they turn into a science fair project. Two students’ science fair projects earned the “Au” (Gold) Award for best in show: Makenna Dolan and Barbara Roehm.

The following students earned the “Ag” (Silver) Award: Colin Beilstein, Nicole Brivic, Cole Bryant, Grace Choi, Paul Corso, Tatum Delaney, Benjamin DeVries, Clara Faucher, Natalie Goldberg, Andrew Goldenberg, Mya Gordan, Max Hong, Aidan House, Kelin Humbert, Nikki Littler, Christopher Markstaller, Janey McGowan, Jade Morgan, Joshua Orth, Mathew Ragsdale, Andrea Rivera, Nicole Rogers, Sydney Silverblatt, Aidan Strealy, Matigan Williams.

President’s Award for Academic Achievement

The President’s Award for Academic Achievement is presented on behalf of the President of the United States to recognize students who show outstanding educational achievement, growth, improvement, commitment or intellectual development in middle school.

At Lakeridge Junior High, staff determines the winners by reviewing the names of students who have received two or more certificates of accomplishment or achievement from their teachers. The Certificate of Achievement recognizes students who have excelled academically or who have demonstrated great academic improvement; the Certificate of Accomplishment recognizes students who have improved in attitude or effort.

This year’s winners of the President’s Award for Academic Achievement are:

Jenna Achord, Milan Ahari, Brianna Anderson, Annika Barba, Malee Bedolla, Caiden Biege-Wetherbee, Emma Boden, Ethan Bunkers, Kiki Chiang, Marley Corrigan, Paul Corso, Elaine Culbert, Tatum Delaney, Gabriella Dover, Breandan Downey, Tanner Erwert, Clara Faucher, Ella Feathers, Maya Glumbik, Taylor Godfrey, Dylan Goff, Natalie Goldberg, Mya Gordon, Mark Gross, William Herman, Jack Higgins, Henrik Hunt, Emily Johnston, Lucy Kay, Kobe Kruse, Jolie Lathrop, Isabella Lee, Abby Lyell, Christopher Markstaller, Miranda Markstaller, Alex Moreau, Luke Neville, Mathew Ragsdale, Barbara Roehm, Nicole Rogers, Ayah Said-Al-Naief, Daniel Streiff, Ryan Sze, Sadie Tomlinson, Sofie Tomlinson, Jenna Whipple, Matigan Williams.

President’s Award for Academic Excellence

The President’s Award for Academic Excellence is presented on behalf of the President of the United States to young scholars at each junior high school.

The awards are determined by the student’s GPA. The Gold Awards reflect eighth-graders who have maintained a 4.0 GPA during their entire junior high career:

Maximus Afrasiabi, Grace Choi, Paul Corso, Liam Crafton, Tatum Delaney, Clara Faucher, Ella Feathers, Claire Fennell, Ty Glumbik, Natalie Goldberg, Jay Heymann, Peyton Holstein, Andy James, Robert Jiang, Madeleine Jo Lorber, Janey McGowan, Andrew Meckert, Evan Melendez, Alexander Moreau, Andrea Nguyen, Mitchell Parker, Barbara Roehm, Nicole Rogers, Aislinn Schnapp, Sydney Silverblatt, Dante Sterling, Matigan Williams, Michelle Woo.

Academic Merit Program Scholars

Throughout the school year, teachers offered students the opportunity to challenge themselves by completing a particular assignment at a higher level of thinking. These challenges required students to increase the time, energy and effort that they would normally spend on each assignment, but promised greater mastery over the subject matter.

The following students consistently chose to take on that challenge and have earned the coveted AMP carrot on their Lakeridge Junior High transcript in all four core classes for the first two trimesters:

- Grade eight: Paul Corso, Liam Crafton, Tatum Delaney, Tyler Evans, Kayleigh Franca, Jason Gao, John Heymann, Maxwell Hong, Andy James, Robert Jiang, Mathew Ragsdale, Aidan Strealy

- Grade seven: Roselyn Dai, Melanie Du, Keely Lipp, Abigail Lyell, Anastasia Tam, Anthony Wang, Ashley Yoon

- Grade six: Malee Bedolla, Daphne Burwell, Nathaniel Connolly, Brooks Dennett, Elina Deshpande, Jack Higgins, Andrew Huang, Shraeya Iyer, Sydney Jordan, Abby Mendoza, Gabrielle Ngia, Pauline Petersen, Claire Sarnowski, Clarissa Snaadt.

Junior High Career Academic Merit Program Scholars

The following eighth-grade students have consistently earned the AMP carrot on their transcript in all four core classes during all of sixth grade, all of seventh grade and for the first two trimesters this year: Clara Faucher, Ella Feathers, Natalie Goldberg, Joshua Gurganus, Payton Holstein, Alexander Moreau, Barbara Roehm, Nicole Rogers.

Academic All Stars

This award, offered by Pacific West Bank, honors academic excellence, leadership and achievement. The awardees are:

- Grade eight: Lucy Kay, Brian Hamlin, Matthew Ragsdale, Mya Gordon, Barbara Roehm, Henrik Hunt, Paul Corso, Clara Faucher, Chris Markstaller, Taylor Yoon

- Grade seven: Mika Konicke, Kyle Humbert, Abby Lyell, Jeongjin Kim, Bella Yannello, John Yeakley, Grace Rooney, Aidan Bissett, Victoria Menzies, Sofia Mier Galindo

- Grade six: Ryan Sze, Sophia Corso, Wilson Godfrey, Elina Deshpande, Grace Mayfield, Nate Connelly, Gus Rogers, Gabrielle Dover, Isabella Seeman, Elijah Goedert.

Super Students

Selection as a Super Student is one of the highest honors bestowed at Lakeridge Junior High. All staff are involved in a selection process that works to identify those students who embody the school’s core values.

These Super Students demonstrated superior academic achievement, appropriate behavior in class and a positive attitude; they consistently performed above and beyond teacher expectations; and they were inspirational role models. The winners are:

- Grade eight: Clara Faucher, Mya Gordon, Maxwell Hong, Emily Johnston, Christopher Markstaller, Aidan Strealy

- Grade seven: Luke Basso, Victoria Menzies, Sofia Mier Galindo, Jazmine Moreno, Anna Seely, John Yeakley

- Grade six: Nathaniel Connolly, Sofia Corso, Gabriella Dover, Wilson Godfrey, Mayah Greenfield, Colby Larrance.