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Cars broken into

Thieves were busy breaking into vehicles in Lake Oswego over the past week. There were at least 10 break-ins in the Westlake area on Friday, Oct. 26, according to LOPD Capt. Dale Jorgensen. The incidents included:

10/23/12 1:46 p.m. A tom-tom worth $200 was stolen from a Jeep parked on Oswego Summit.

10/26/12 7:03 a.m. Rocks were used to smash in the front windows of a car on Hastings Drive. An iTouch and GPS valued at $300 were taken.

10/26/12 8:07 a.m. Someone went through a glove box of a car on Edenberry Drive overnight. Nothing was taken.

10/26/12 8:58 a.m. Three unlocked cars on Hastings Court were gone through overnight. Nothing was taken.

10/26/12 9:03 a.m. Energy drinks were stolen from a truck parked on Edenberry Drive.

10/26/12 10:10 a.m. A Toyota 4Runner on Kingsgate Road was robbed of a bag of change and a black Nike backpack with soccer paperwork. Loss was $40.

10/26/12 12:03 p.m. Items from a car were strewn all over the road on Orchard Way after the break-in of an unlocked vehicle.

10/26/12 12:12 p.m. Orchard Way was again the target in the theft of two cameras and a visa from an unlocked vehicle.

10/26/12 12:43 p.m. An iPod Touch 16 GB and Craftsman wrenches were taken from a car on Eaglecrest Drive.

10/26/12 2:05 p.m. A thief smashed in the windows of a vehicle on Foothills Drive to steal a bag containing fingerprinting supplies and petty cash.

10/26/12 7:17 p.m. Cheap sunglasses were the only item missing from the break-in of a Hondo Pilot on Clairmont Court.


10/25/12 10:35 a.m. A jewel thief struck a residence. Details of the crime were unavailable.


10/24/12 10:04 a.m. A woman complained of abdominal pain after being involved in a two-car accident on Daniel Way and Kruse Way. She was cited for driving without insurance and failure to avoid a stopped vehicle.

10/26/12 1:44 p.m. A vehicle smashed through a yard and damaged property on Palisades Terrace Drive.


10/23/12 4:41 p.m. A woman’s mountain bike, valued at $400 and with new tires, was taken on Upper Drive.

10/25/12 11:49 a.m. An employee on administrative leave from Marylhurst University is the suspect in cash missing from a business. Police are gathering evidence.

10/25/12 6:15 p.m. A shoplifter made a big haul at Rite Aid on B Avenue. The suspect had two full baskets of items and drove off in a car with a very loud muffler.

10/25/12 11:27 p.m. A shoplifter made a late-night stop at the Safeway on A Avenue, taking vitamins, shaving blades and other products.

10/26/12 1:11 p.m. A son’s skateboard was taken from an unlocked vehicle on Amberwood Circle. The board, valued at $100, has the word “Deathwish” written on it.

10/28/12 2 p.m. A man found that houseguests had gone through his house on Sixth Street and taken a Droid Incredible Cell and two iPods, a loss set at $550.


10/23/12 7:30 a.m. Someone in a sleeping bag was spotted at the neighborhood sign on Sunnyhill Drive.

10/23/12 8:57 a.m. Facebook pages are being used to anonymously bully students at Lake Oswego High School.

10/23/12 5:49 p.m. Dogs on the loose charged a woman and her dog on Hofer Court.

10/23/12 8:20 p.m. A daughter threw a mother out of her house on Parkview Drive after a big verbal argument.

10/23/12 8:31 p.m. Parents feel their daughter might commit suicide because she recently has talked about running away.

10/24/12 8:03 a.m. A downed cyclist, possibly struck by a car, was transported for treatment.

10/24/12 11:16 a.m. An ex-husband is violating a divorce agreement refusing to give up his couch to his wife.

10/24/12 12:48 p.m. A 15-year-old girl started screaming when her mother tried to make her get into a car.

10/24/12 4:21 p.m. While dining at Pizza Schmizza a woman lost her wallet containing a Texas driver’s license, three credit cards and cash.

10/25/12 6:24 a.m. A confused female was wandering through a store. Her family came to pick her up.

10/25/12 12:32 p.m. Someone laughing in Spanish was heard on a 9-1-1 call.

10/25/12 2:34 p.m. There is a fear that a company vehicle will soon be stolen because it is out being driven by an employee about to be fired.

10/26/12 8:50 a.m. A 28-year-old man was cited and released on a charge of second-degree theft.

10/26/12 2:37 p.m. A zombie scavenger hunt was scheduled for North State Street.

10/26/12 4:36 p.m. A father is searching for the 10-year-old child whom he just obtained full custody. The child was found with its mother and later released to the custody of the father.

10/26/12 4:53 p.m. Teens are playing tennis too loudly near Fern Place.

10/26/12 4:54 p.m. An unfriendly acquaintance made a key to a house on Kilkenny Road and has been breaking in and damaging plants.

10/26/12/4:59 p.m. A fifty-ish man who smells strongly of cigarettes has been going into businesses on Second Street and asking for money.

10/26/12 5:21 p.m. A renter who has been stalking his landlady was served with a no-stalking order.

10/26/12 8:15 p.m. A 25-year-old man was charged with third-degree theft.

10/26/12 11:50 p.m. Two tires were slashed on a vehicle parked next to Stickmen’s Brewery on North State Street.

10/27/12 12:09 a.m. Yellers outside of an abode on Lower Drive were people who had been actually locked out and were hoping to wake a sleeping parent.

10/27/12 1:09 a.m. A husband turned off the circuit breakers to his house after a verbal battle with his wife. The husband left and the wife had to spend the night at her sister’s house.

10/27/12 11:48 a.m. A driver refused to slow down as a father and his children crossed the street on Hill Way and Jean Road. The driver and dad exchanged angry yells after the father slapped the car.

10/27/12 1:44 p.m. A tire was slashed on a Toyota Camry parked on Eaglecrest Drive.

10/27/12 9:46 p.m. A pack of juveniles was running up and down the street on Mountain Circle, yelling and knocking on doors. After complaints by neighbors, the kids were escorted inside.

10/28/12 8:52 p.m. There is a chronic problem with speeding motorcycles on Laurel Street.


10/23/12 10:17 a.m. A contractor is illegally using his California electrical license in Oregon.

10/23/12 3:35 p.m. An illegal cash transfer was made on a person’s checking account.

10/26/12 3:38 p.m. A man purchased a vehicle only to discover he may be the victim of a fraud.

10/27/12 4:45 p.m. An unknown person dropped off a forged prescription at the Safeway pharmacy on A Avenue.

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