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Thieves make haul with Halloween car break-ins


Trick-or-treating was not the only activity taking place on the streets of Lake Oswego during Halloween night last week.

There were 34 incidents of car break-ins reported on Oct. 31 alone. Relatively little was stolen, but it usually took little effort to get into the cars.

“Almost all of the cars were left unlocked,” said Capt. Dale Jorgensen of the Lake Oswego Police Department.

On many occasions, cars were entered, glove boxes were rummaged through, but nothing was stolen. In other cases, remarkably little was stolen. In one instance, 25 pennies were stolen from a car. In another case a dollar was taken. Other pilferred objects included schoolbooks, sunglasses, a fanny pack, and garage door opener.

However, in other cases, valuable items were left for the taking. They include iPods, iPhones, Garmin GPS units, plus documents such as auto registration papers and insurance cards.

With more holidays coming up, the LOPD is warning car owners to be wary.

“People should take all the valuables out and lock their cars,” Jorgensen said. “They need to be especially careful about Christmas gifts and electronics. They make an easy target.”