12/8/12 2:29 a.m. In a commercial burglary, a restaurant on Kerr Parkway was robbed of two laptops valued at $1,000.

12/10/12 3:39 p.m. A burglar got into a building on Country Club Road and stole several items, including power tools, and carpentry and woodworking tools.


12/4/12 1:47 p.m. An Acura parked near Stanfords on Kruse Oaks Drive was broken into. Taken were a MacBook valued at $2,400, an iPad valued at $400, plus a checkbook and miscellaneous paperwork.

12/5/12 10:26 a.m. UPS packages were taken from a location on Country Commons, including two packages of antiques and one of winter clothes. Total value was $1,095.

12/5/12 4:03 p.m. A package worth $80 was taken from a porch on Block Terrace. Empty boxes were left in its place.

12/8/12 1:29 p.m. A black giant TCX 10-speed road bicycle worth $3,000 was stolen off a bike rack under a carport.

12/10/12 12:47 p.m. A mother reported that several items of jewelry — worth an estimated $20,000 — have gone missing over the past nine months.

12/10/12 1:03 p.m. A woman’s passport was stolen in Portland two days ago.


12/10/12 12:25 p.m. An impatient driver drove a vehicle around a school bus and nearly hit a child on Foothills Drive.


12/4/12 7:51 a.m. A woman is being followed to work by a man in a silver truck — the man she just had a traffic altercation with.

12/4/12 2:21 p.m. A man is being a nuisance on Centerpointe Drive by following people to their car and browbeating them.

12/5/12 9:01 p.m. A husband reported that his wife was grabbed on the arm and threatened by a Wal-Mart manager.

12/5/12 9:59 p.m. A woman is sick of her neighbor smoking pot all the time. Her attempts to talk to him have met with slammed doors.

12/6/12 midnight. A wife tried to injure herself with a kitchen knife. Her husband had her transported to OHSU.

12/7/12 10:34 a.m. A criminal caused $200 in damage to a vehicle on Third Street during a break-in attempt.

12/7/12 12:47 p.m. A daughter high on heroin and meth had to be transported by AMR to a hospital.

12/7/12 11:37 a.m. A 17-year-old daughter posted photos of cutting herself. It was found that the daughter was cutting a pomegranate and was not suicidal, just making a joke that was in extremely poor taste.

12/8/12 3:06 p.m. A woman was wandering around Jefferson Parkway, singing and disturbing people, then walked out into traffic.

12/9/12 5:22 p.m. A 45-year-old woman was cited and released for second-degree child neglect after two small children were left alone in a vehicle for 20 minutes in the Safeway parking lot on A Avenue.

12/10/12 9:26 a.m. A lost dog was reported to be old, skinny, yellow, and with lumps all over its body. Its name is Lucky.

12/10/12 1:55 p.m. Worried parents have not heard from their homeless son for more than a year. Three weeks ago they learned from the son’s girlfriend that threats were made toward the man and his dog, and the dog was later found dead.

12/10/12 4:01 p.m. A 16-year-old male was sitting at the corner of Boones Ferry and Country Club roads flipping off passing drivers, who often honked in retaliation.

12/10/12 5:22 p.m. The alarm on a Toyota Solara parked on Foothills Drive has been going off every 20 minutes.


12/5/12 11:30 p.m. A girlfriend ran up $400 in charges by using her boyfriend’s credit card without authorization.

12/6/12 4:09 p.m. A man paid $12,500 for a new roof three weeks ago, but he still has no roof.

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