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by: REVIEW PHOTO: CLIFF NEWELL - Bill Baars, right, gave the dedication for the Little Library ribbon cutting on Wilbur Street. Helping out were Dick Reamer, wielding the giant scissors, and his wife, Kathi.Lake Oswego was not able to get a big library. But it now has a Little Library thanks to the Old Town Neighborhood Association.

Association members gathered at the corner of Wilbur and Dunham on Thursday afternoon to dedicate the library, which they hope will lead to increased literacy and fun in the neighborhood. Helping them cut the ribbon was Bill Baars, executive director of the Lake Oswego Public Library.

“I read an article about the Little Library and I proposed to our neighborhood association that we build one,” said Marylou Colver. “This is the first Little Library in Lake Oswego.”

The library is small, cute and sort of resembles a birdhouse with a screen door. It was a true group effort, with association president Dick Reamer building it, Corinna Campbell-Sack painting it and Nancy Headlee providing the roofing materials.

Mainly, the Little Library is filled with books. Residents are encouraged to come take a non-library book and bring a non-library book for others to read.

“This is a concept that has really taken off around the nation,” Colver said. “It’s part of a national movement to promote literacy and community spirit. We hope there will be other neighborhoods in Lake Oswego who want a free library.”

For more information, go to littlefreelibrary.org.

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