12/18/12 6:32 a.m. The back door of Walter Mitty’s restaurant was kicked in, but nothing was taken.


12/17/12 11:33 a.m. A Yukon Denali parked on Boones Ferry Road was broken into and robbed of a bag containing an iPhone, wallet, debit card, iPodtouch. Also taken was an iPhone in a blue case with pink dots worth $500 and a Silverback iPod Touch valued at $200.

12/17/12 1:23 p.m. A shoplifter with a tinfoil-lined bag made a big haul at a store on B Avenue, taking items valued at $1,104, including razors and vitamins. All items were recovered.

12/17/12 3:04 p.m. A black Kindle Fire worth $199 was stolen.

12/19/12 10:35 a.m. An orange canoe worth $200 was stolen from a residence on Kelok Road.

12/20/12 9:07 a.m. A Chrysler on Foothills Drive was robbed of change and a CD.


12/17/12 8:32 a.m. An old man with long, stringy hair has been hanging out at a school bus stop and taking photos.

12/17/12 9:10 a.m. An ethically challenged contractor has been claiming he is a woman’s husband while making calls attempting to obtain building jobs.

12/17/12 12:44 p.m. An ex-husband is trying to pick up his sons at school, and his ex-wife is worried because he has been making suicide threats and has a history of battering her.

12/18/12 8:21 a.m. Residents of Foothills Road were advised not to break up dog fights and instead call the police whenever an aggressive dog is walked off leash by its owner.

12/18/12 9:18 a.m. Wintry weather caused several vehicles to get stuck on the hill on Jefferson Parkway and a plumbing truck to slide through a stop sign.

12/18/12 10:15 a.m. In two incidents at The Bluffs, a woman was shaken up when a creep came up to her and asked, “Want to see something?” and reached into his pants. The creep also accosted a man’s wife and made sexual comments to her and chased her.

12/18/12 12:23 p.m. Neighbors on Candlewood Court fought over rows of trees being cut down. Police restored peace.

12/18/12 1:37 p.m. A man in a yard on Candlewood Court refused to leave. It turned out he was the city ordinance officer investigating a tree-cutting incident.

12/18/12 2:20 p.m. A caller told somebody’s dad that he would get $250 million if he left a mere $4,500 at the nearest Wal-Mart.

12/18/12 7:27 p.m. A watchdog is being credited with scaring off an intruder after a lone boot was found at the back door of a residence on Twin Fir Road.

12/19/12 7:44 a.m. A vandal caused $300 in damage to a window at a residence on Diane Drive.

12/19/12 3:12 p.m. A mother is apologizing for her son after he phoned somebody and started screaming and laughing.

12/19/12 8:43 p.m. A subject took a Christmas ornament from a property and broke it. The parties involved are reaching a civil compromise.

12/19/12 8:58 p.m. Tires were slashed on a vehicle parked on Hidalgo.

12/20/12 5:28 p.m. A man is so tired of being called from a person’s phone that he is now making threats.

12/20/12 9 a.m. A mother is worried about her daughter receiving prank calls.

12/20/12 10:04 a.m. A person is seeking police help after receiving 10 sexually explicit calls.

12/20/12 12:57 p.m. Drug paraphernalia and used needles were found in a backpack at a Motel 6 following the arrest of a man.

12/20/12 5:53 p.m. There is an ongoing problem with TriMet running red lights, blocking intersections and driving carelessly.

12/20/12 6:13 p.m. A wife who has a hard time driving at night has been swerving all over the road on her nocturnal outings.


12/17/12 2:33 p.m. A female dropped off prescriptions of which there are no records of, then disappeared.

12/18/12 10:51 a.m. The IRS informed a couple that someone had filed a tax return using their names.

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