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12/21/12 6:13 p.m. The glass door of a house on Wembley Park Road was kicked in to gain entry through the gym area.

12/22/12 8:30 p.m. A house on Cellini Court was burglarized of multiple items, including an iPhone, $40 in cash, play station and X-Box.


12/23/12 4:19 p.m. A man is refusing medical attention after his vehicle was hit by a black Prius on Bangy Road and Kruse Way.


12/21/12 12:19 p.m. A check was taken from a mailbox on Churchill Downs.

12/26/12 3:05 p.m. A pipe used for medical marijuana was stolen.

12/27/12 9:19 a.m. A man’s jacket was stolen while he was at Gubanc’s.

12/30/12 1:27 a.m. Firehouse Pub reported $1,700 in cash missing from a lottery bag and another money bag from the safe in the front office.


12/21/12 1:20 p.m. While riding on Boones Ferry, a woman cyclist was nearly run over multiple times.

12/21/12 3:46 p.m. Two women on Virginia Way had a confrontation Dec. 20. One of them had repeatedly reported the other women for code violations.

12/21/12 7:24 p.m. When a man heard the alarm go off on his car parked at Garibaldi, he discovered that a tire was slashed.

12/23/12 1:54 p.m. Two 14-year-olds were throwing rocks at vehicles as they drove down Parkview Drive. Both of them have black zipups and one has a scooter.

12/23/12 2:59 p.m. Teens are throwing tennis balls at a residence on Avery Lane. They also threw a pumpkin on the front porch.

12/23/12 4:31 p.m. A man has been making a nuisance of himself at Safeway on A Avenue, loitering, asking customers for money, talking to himself, and disturbing others.

12/23/12 5:18 p.m. A man smelling heavily of alcohol and cigarettes walked onto a bus and claimed he had just bought the company that inspects their CO2 tanks.

12/24/12 8:51 a.m. When a no contact order expired, an ex-boyfriend immediately started texting and harassing a woman.

12/24/12 8:10 p.m. Officers were able to calm down a 17-year-old autistic boy who had gone out of control.

12/25/12 12:19 p.m. A resident of Lamont Way noticed a statue of an angel in a neighbor’s yard that doesn’t belong there.

12/25/12 6:48 p.m. A man who has been removed from a house on Twin Fir Road was seen inside the residence.

12/26/12 2:08 a.m. Two men were cited for going through Dumpsters on Parkview Drive.

12/26/12 2:14 p.m. Dog trouble on Larch Street has emerged due to a neighbor’s dog trying to attack a woman’s father. There has been a problem with the owner letting the dog off leash.

12/27/12 12:07 a.m. A teen was shooting off fireworks at the Tangewood II Apartments on Touchstone.

12/27/12 2:54 p.m. A vehicle kept following a woman after almost hitting her on Bangy Road.

12/27/12 7:12 p.m. Juveniles were horsing around and smoking pot inside of a parking structure on Meadows Road.

12/28/12 12:46 p.m. A sneaky ex-wife is accessing her husband’s cell phone.

12/28/12 2:06 p.m. A drug dealer tried to sell a boy heroin by Lakeridge Junior High School.

12/29/12 10:29 a.m. A father tried to choke his daughter during a fight.

12/29/12 12:05 p.m. A chicken-killing dog is the subject of a police pursuit on Ash Street.

12/30/12 9 p.m. A series of five tire slashings was reported starting after 9 p.m. in the Independence Avenue area.

12/31/12 12:15 a.m. A mother fears her 15-year-old daughter has run off with her boyfriend.