12/31/12 9:32 a.m. Three purses were stolen in a house burglary overnight.

12/31/12 1:50 p.m. The security door of the swim park snack shack on Lakeview Boulevard was found broken. It is unknown if anything was stolen.

1/6/13 6:27 p.m. In a possible burglary on Cobb Way, a wallet and Kindle Fire valued at $400 were taken from a residence.

1/7/13 12:07 p.m. A burglary of a home on Frost Street resulted in a stolen microwave and damage to a refrigerator.

1/7/13 1 p.m. In another kitchen burglary on Frost Street, a thief made off with a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and fixtures, with a value of $1,500. There was also $500 in damage resulting from the crime. The burglar gained entry by prying open a rear window.


12/31/12 9:14 a.m. A break-in of a Dodge Durango on Parkview Drive resulted in the theft of $2,000 worth of items, including an iPod, Kicker AMS, Kicker subwoofer and Alpine amp.

12/31/12 1:12 p.m. A Toyota Landcruiser parked on Oswego Summit was burgled of a Kicker Subs 12, Alpine stereo and iPod touch. Access was gained by breaking in a back window.

1/4/13 2:06 p.m. A black steel cargo trailer used for landscaping equipment was stolen from the Waterstone Building on Jean Road.

1/4/13 6:21 p.m. A driver gave a ride to a man who pulled a knife, took money and fled on foot in the area of Bernard Street and Deerbrush Avenue.

1/7/13 7:34 a.m. A Columbia ski jacket was stolen from a vehicle on Kingsgate Road.

1/7/13 7:37 a.m. In another theft on Kingsgate Road, several valuable items were stolen from a Chevy TrailBlazer. They included Bruton binoculars, a Canon camera, a Case knife, Duct LTD knife and other miscellaneous items.

1/7/13 9:22 a.m. A shopping bag with assorted gifts and a pink backpack were stolen from a Dodge Durango on Vermeer Drive. Entry was gained by breaking in the rear window.

1/7/13 10:49 a.m. An unlocked trunk allowed the theft of several coats, valued at $150, from a car trunk on Southwood Drive.

1/7/13 12:11 p.m. A purse was taken from an apartment on Holy Names Drive.

1/7/13 1:21 p.m. A thief was caught in the act of stealing a hair care product at Safeway on A Avenue.

1/7/13 3:36 p.m. A disappointing haul was made by a thief who stole a suitcase full of dirty laundry from a vehicle on Rembrandt Lane.


12/31/12 11:45 a.m. An ex-husband is threatening to kill a woman and their children on the anniversary of her leaving him. The man has a history of carrying guns and a large knife.

12/31/12 6:19 p.m. An estranged husband tried to slit his wrist with a butcher knife.

12/31/12 10:11 p.m. Illegal aerial fireworks are being fired off at a loud party on Brookhurst Drive.

1/1/13 1:18 a.m. Two teenage males and a 55-year-old woman were cited for violations that took place at a drunken party where somebody broke a leg.

1/1/13 2:45 a.m. A runaway 15-year-old girl was returned to the care of her mother.

1/1/13 12:32 p.m. A King Charles spaniel named Master Higgins was returned home after a successful dog search.

1/1/13 5:29 p.m. The knocking over of a mailbox on Amberwood Circle might be connected to a vodka bottle found in the shrubs nearby.

1/1/13 7:38 p.m. Two tires were found slashed on a Volvo on Rogers Road. Two more cases of tire slashing soon followed, both on Greensborough Court.

1/2/13 2:41 a.m. After being awakened by a funny noise during the night, a woman discovered that her hair and skin were turning blue.

1/2/13 8:48 p.m. A grandmother requested a welfare check on her 29-year-old granddaughter, who is a meth user. The granddaughter has been asked to leave, and options for finding her a shelter are being sought.

1/2/13 9:10 a.m. Three tires were slashed on a Ford Escape on Parkridge Lane, which was soon the location of another tire slashing.

1/2/13 9:18 a.m. Tires were slashed on six cars on Eaglecrest Drive. Two more tire slashing incidents were soon reported.

1/2/13 3:25 p.m. An ex-wife has been warned about phonically harassing her former husband.

1/2/13 6:17 p.m. Strange things are happening in a parking lot on North State Street.

1/2/13 7:39 p.m. A windshield wiper blade and arm were torn off a Ford Fiesta parked on First Street.

1/3/13 12:52 a.m. A very drunken customer was refused service at a convenience store on Pilkington Road and started screaming at the clerk.

1/3/13 12:47 p.m. More tire slashing incidents were reported on Eagle Crest Drive. This time three vehicles had their tires slashed.

1/3/13 3:44 p.m. A suspicious man has been strolling down Sabina Court, stopping to look inside every home along the way.

1/4/13 6:18 a.m. Four windows were broken at Lakeridge Junior High School including the main door and three windows along the front of the building.

1/4/13 9:38 a.m. A resident of Eagle Crest Drive has been harassed by a neighbor for the past three years.

1/4/13 1:09 p.m. There is concern that a vacant house that is in disrepair and has trees falling down is a possible location for teenage drinking parties. Alcohol bottles were found in a garbage can.

1/4/13 2:13 p.m. A resident has failed to return a child to a parent in Idaho in violation of a custody agreement.

1/4/13 2:22 p.m. An aggressive dog kept a woman trapped inside her car at her carport on Westview Circle. The dog is said to be barking and terrorizing people.

1/4/13 2:37 p.m. Three tires were slashed on a vehicle parked on Kingsgate Road.

1/4/13 4 p.m. A man in black was reportedly acting strangely and doing “Karate Kid” type moves around George Rogers Park.

1/4/13 7:51 p.m. A man driving a silver Subaru Forester claimed he had a gun and threatened a man in an incident on Overlook Drive.

1/4/13 8:41 p.m. A wife is asking for extra patrols to protect her from her estranged husband, who was released from jail. The man had been arrested for assaulting and strangling her.

1/5/13 12:27 p.m. A man followed the path of his missing canoe, which had been dragged down to the lake, and found it being used. However, the man who took the canoe was nice enough to help return it.

1/7/13 12:59 p.m. A caretaker is worried that her granddaughter will steal the prescription medications of her clients.

1/7/13 3:17 p.m. A father considered asking a police officer to counsel his son about smoking marijuana.

1/7/13 9:10 p.m. A resident of Kimberly Circle locked himself in handcuffs and had to be rescued.


12/21/12 10:36 a.m. While doing canvassing for Environment Oregon on Oriole Lane, a woman lost her wallet and has since been subjected to identity theft. The password on her food stamp card was changed and $190 was used on it at Wal-Mart. The suspect in the wallet theft also has her driver’s license, bank card and miscellaneous other identification.

12/23/12 4:10 p.m. A man’s FedEx account was stolen and he has been getting bills for packages he has not been sending. Later he received a check for $2,000 from an address that matches up with bills he has been getting.

12/28/12 9:06 a.m. A woman’s Macy’s card was stolen and used online.

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