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by: SUBMITTED - Lake Oswego resident Diana Laboy-Rush had a big surprise on her birthday last Friday. She received a phone call from Vice President Joe Biden, wishing her happy birthday. 'My mom, Annette Rodrigues, a government contractor, was invited (last Thursday) to attend the inaugural breakfast reception with President Obama and the first lady,' Laboy-Rush told  the Review. 'She lives and works in California, so she had to get on a redeye out of San Jose in order to attend. At the end of the event, she went through the reception line and met the president, the first lady, Vice President Biden and Jill Biden. As she was in line, she scribbled on a napkin, 'Happy birthday, Diana,' and when she reached the vice president, she asked to take a picture with the napkin so she could send it to me. The vice president told her to 'get her on the line so I can wish her a happy birthday.' And so my first birthday phone call ... came from the vice president of the United States. A very good way to start the day.'

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