1/17/13 2:46 p.m. A thief broke into an attached garage on Oswego Summit and stole a 2001 Toyota Echo.

1/21/13 2:08 p.m. A thief got into a house through an attached garage on Hidalgo and took a GPS, a bag of clothes and an American Express card.


1/20/13 1:57 p.m. When a customer went to retrieve the purse she had left at St. Honore Bakery, she found that it had been stolen.

1/20/13 2:20 p.m. A large mirror was among the items lifted from a carport on E Avenue.

1/20/13 4:05 p.m. A thief broke into a new black Mercedes parked at George Rogers Park and stole a wallet and driver’s license. A suspect with a fuzzy face and wearing a stocking cap was observed driving off in a car with blacked-out windows.

1/20/13 4:16 p.m. A window of a 2011 Nissan Juke was smashed on Carman Drive. Registration and vehicle information were taken from the glove box.


1/15/13 12:33 p.m. Marijuana and a marijuana pipe were seized from a 17-year-old student at Lakeridge High School. The student was referred to the juvenile department.

1/15/13 3:20 p.m. A customer started being disruptive in the lobby of a candy store.

1/15/13 3:32 p.m. A big brown dog jumped all over a man when he went out for a walk on Upper Drive. He is now planning to complain to the dog’s owner.

1/16/13 8:33 a.m. Dog owners are letting their dogs run loose at Uplands Elementary and Springbrook Park, where they chase joggers and scare little kids.

1/16/13 4:04 p.m. A subject who threatened a man 30 years ago has now sent him a scary voicemail.

1/16/13 7:18 p.m. One roommate grabbed the other’s throat during a heated argument.

1/17/13 7:20 a.m. A person picked up the phone and heard a death threat from somebody in Monmouth.

1/17/13 10:19 a.m. There is a chronic problem at Forest Hills Elementary School with parents leaving their cars on Andrews and blocking traffic while they go to pick up their children.

1/17/13 3:54 p.m. A reddish-colored pit bull tried to attack another dog on Third Street.

1/17/13 6:25 p.m. A woman is receiving harassing calls from Jamaica claiming she won a lottery.

1/17/13 10:44 p.m. A teenager went out of control and smacked his grandfather with a tennis racquet.

1/18/13 6:58 a.m. A resident of the Peters Lane/Hopkins Lane area complained that construction workers were screaming, singing too loudly and playing loud music way too early in the morning. An investigation revealed that nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

1/18/13 8:11 a.m. In a clash of neighbors on McVey Avenue, one neighbor complained that the other was calling him names and banging on walls.

1/18/13 10:49 a.m. One sister is being evicted by the other sister from a house that has been willed to both of them.

1/19/13 2:03 p.m. Some “sketchy” kids were firing a model rocket in the park.

1/19/13 3:28 p.m. An uncouth solicitor on Majestic Court spit on a resident’s car while departing, after being turned down on a magazine subscription.

1/19/13 4:07 p.m. A weird guy wearing a baseball cap and carrying around a clipboard is peeking into windows on Wembley Park Road.

1/20/13 8:31 a.m. A yelling customer was upsetting the atmosphere at Plaid Pantry on Pilkington Road. He was upset about an employee taking too long to count his change.

1/20/13 12:04 p.m. A man and woman got into a brawl on the balcony of a building on Boones Ferry Road.

1/20/13 4:16 p.m. A dog wandering around off leash on a park trail attacked another dog and growled at its female owner.

1/21/13 9:37 a.m. A step-mother was pushed by a 16-year-old son. Grandfather wants to know what to do about it.

1/21/13 12:10 p.m. Two public urinators, possibly drunk, were spotted relieving themselves on Royce Way.

1/21/13 1:43 p.m. A painter is getting harassed after the lousy job he did on a customer’s home.

1/21/13 2:10 p.m. A neighbor is refusing to give back a woman’s cat after originally taking it in for temporary safe keeping.

1/21/13 5:07 p.m. A woman is being harassed by an 11-year-old boy who lives upstairs. She will contact the homeowners association.

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