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Artist Beth Sautter excels at portraying people, animals, landscapes

by: VERN UYETAKE - Beth Sautter poses in front of her own portrait of her friend, famed artist Arnie Westerman. The painting reveals a lot about his character.Painter Beth Sautter lives in a practically perfect place for an artist to live.

Her dwelling is in the historic Oddfellows Lodge in Old Town Lake Oswego, and inside her home Sautter comes up with her wonderful acrylic paintings of man and animal. People who really cherish their dogs would be wise to contact Sautter about doing a painting.

“I’ve been doing realistic paintings all of my life,” said Sautter, who started life in Texas before moving to Oregon in 1996.

Her recent painting of three black Labradors at a local dog park is an excellent introduction to Sautter’s work. The painting is so good that you get an idea of the character of the dogs.

“It shows a princess and her two goofy brothers,” Sautter said.

Another painting is her portrait of famed artist Arnie Westerman. One of the best things about it is that it shows a painting literally coming out of Westerman’s head.

Sautter likes to have fun, which is why she branched off from doing regular portraits to doing caricatures, such as her whimsical still life painting called “Tea Party.” It shows a giraffe, dinosaur and elephant with sun umbrellas, plus an anchiceratops (a species of dinosaur) wearing a string of pearls, with teacups spread out in front of them. It is the kind of painting a child would love.

“These little creatures have really opened up my world,” Sautter said.

Sautter is a serene and happy artist, and living in Lake Oswego helps make her that way.

“It is very quiet and peaceful,” she said. “The neighbors really care about each other. It’s so pretty. It would be hard to find a prettier place to live than here.” by: VERN UYETAKE - Beth Sautter is shown working on one of her most colorful creations. Although she specializes in portraits, she likes to branch out occasionally.

While Sautter personally considers “The Three Labs” her finest painting ever, she thinks her best is yet to come.

“I continue to grow and continue to be inspired,” she said. “It has just been a natural progression. It’s a joy when you can keep growing as an artist.”

Sautter’s work is on display at many galleries and she has won a number of awards, such as the blue ribbon award at the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts in 2007. Her paintings are shown at the Contemporary American Realism Exhibit in Fort Wayne, Ind., and the Portland Art Museum.

For more about Beth Sautter’s painting, go to bethsautter.com.