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Lake Corp. to consider tighter rules for paddlers


As the number of folks using kayaks, canoes and paddle boards on Oswego Lake has grown in recent years, the Lake Corporation has reviewed tightening rules aiming to keep them safe.

According to the Lake Corp.’s March newsletter, the board of directors will soon consider new rules requiring nonpowered watercraft to stay inside of the buoys set up to protect swimmers in the past.

Sailboats would be exempt from the new rules, and scull rowing craft would be allowed outside of the marked lines for an hour and a half after sunrise, so long as they flash LED warning strobes like the type bicyclists carry and stay close to the confined area.

If the new rules are approved, the only time most kayaks and canoes would be able to go outside of the buoys would be with a powerboat serving as an escort.

The Lake Corporation has long overseen water quality and safety on the lake on behalf of its shareholders, or lakefront homeowners, who pay hefty dues to keep the water clear of invasive species and algae blooms. Only residents who live on the lake or belong to easements, essentially private docks and beaches, have access to the water. City residents are also able to use a seasonal public swim park, and some have access to another swim park operated by the school district.

The corporation’s directing board will consider the new safety rules at a meeting in May, according to its newsletter.by: FILE PHOTO - This aerial shot of the lake was taken in colder weather several years ago.