Giant project moves closer to starting up, Cain says

by: SUBMITTED ILLUSTRATION - When Kruse Village opens in the summer of 2014, its entry way will be quite beautiful and astonishing, as this prototype illustration indicates.History of a different kind will soon be happening on the corner of Carman Drive and Kruse Way.

Once the site of the historic Kruse Family homestead, the area will now make way for Kruse Village, a 65,000-square-foot complex that will feature restaurants, retail businesses and medical services — and much more. The giant project has been approved by the city of Lake Oswego.

For project developer Barry Cain, president of Gramor Development, it is the perfect place.

“It’s a one-of-a-kinder,” Cain said. “It’s the last site on Kruse Way that can be developed in such a way. It gives us the opportunity to really change the office environment of Kruse Way, which has been losing tenants to places like the Pearl District. We’ve talked to Shorenstein (owner of most of the buildings on Kruse Way) and they’re our biggest supporters.”

This project will shake up Lake Oswego, and Cain, a Lake Oswego resident, has done it before. Gramor built Lake View Village, a development that is widely credited with transforming downtown Lake Oswego, and also the A Street Station, which is practically right across the street.

“Kruse Village is very similar to Lake View Village,” Cain said. “It will have the same ability to change the way people feel about the area.”

“It’s going to stand out and shine,” said Matt Grady, senior project manager for Gramor.

This will be done in ways that Gramor did not even originally anticipate.

“We will actually celebrate the wetland area that is there,” Grady said. “Instead of blackberries, we’ll now have native plants of a wide variety of different color tones and textures.”

Perhaps the most notable feature of Kruse Village will be the two bridges to be designed by two landscape architects, Chris Freshley and Michael Schultz. Other features will be an open air pavilion and a walkway system.

Cain likes the way numbers stack up on Kruse Way for his monumental project: 5 acres in what he describes as the heart of Oregon’s most successful office and residential corridor residing among 2 million square feet of low-vacancy office space with access to a 37,000-employee workforce within a 2-mile radius. There are also more than 40,000 people living in nearby neighborhoods. This should make Kruse Village a busy place both night and day.

“The reaction to this in Lake Oswego has been really good,” said Cain, who met with 10 different city organizations during preparation for the project. “People have been very, very supportive of it. They understand the need it will fill. They know that we’re not going to do anything that’s not nice.

“This area is so unique. Its demographic is really dense with people of higher incomes, plus all of the employees close by. There are 11,000 people within a mile.”

Cain says Kruse Village will not have just one giant anchor store but “other anchors, primarily restaurants. No large ones. Restaurants of moderate size.”

The village will also be home to retail businesses, medical services, credit unions and banks.

The first eight to 10 tenants of Kruse Village will be announced in about a month, according to Cain. Construction will start this fall, and completion is expected in the summer of 2014.

To find out more about Kruse Village, go to Gramor Development’s website at

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