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7/5/13 6:47 p.m. A man just ran into a house and smashed a counter with a hammer.

7/5/13 12:11 a.m. A homeowner reacted quickly when he heard a burglar break into his house just past midnight. However, the crash turned out to be a picture that had fallen off the wall.


7/2/13 5:53 p.m. A 9-year-old boy was suffering neck pain after an auto collision on Melrose Street.

7/3/13 9:40 a.m. Police threw the book at a driver who tried to run away from a deputy. He was charged with reckless driving, failure to avoid a stopped vehicle and failure to obey a traffic control device.


7/1/13 10 a.m. A safe on 10th street was robbed of two rings and a Rolex watch.

7/1/13 4:02 p.m. Prescriptions, cigarettes and a lighter were stolen from a vehicle parked on Mt. Jefferson Terrace.

7/1/13 9:04 p.m. A long board was taken from the front of a house on Tualatin Avenue.

7/2/13 8:23 p.m. A man was coming to get his bicycle at the Hunt Club when he saw two kids running off with it.

7/3/13 2:47 p.m. A video camera may have caught four men in the act of stealing $26.99 worth of beer from Walmart.

7/4/13 8:20 p.m. While out buying bread, a woman’s wallet was lifted out of her purse at a bakery.

7/5/13 9:04 a.m. A trimmer worth $30 was stolen from the back deck of a home on Gans Street.

7/6/13 3:26 p.m. A girl’s wallet, with contents worth $400, was stolen from an unlocked vehicle at Lake Oswego High School.

7/7/13 12:21 a.m. A black and white checker pattern purse, cream Coach makeup bag with makeup, house and car keys, work badge and checkbook were stolen from a house on Mt. Jefferson Terrace.


7/1/13 7:27 a.m. A man is seeking to find some way to keep his ex-girlfriend from getting back into his residence to get her belongings.

7/1/13 8:26 a.m. While on an outing at Westlake Park a woman lost her silver-flowered purse with her wallet and iPhone. Loss was estimated at $200.

7/1/13 11:04 a.m. Whenever a man tries to walk on Meadowlark Lane two Yorkies come out and try to bite him.

7/1/13 1:15 p.m. Coyotes are worrying a woman on Streamside Drive. She observed a coyote sitting on her neighbor’s porch. Three weeks ago a neighbor’s dog ran out of the house and was jumped by a coyote.

7/1/13 4:09 p.m. A hotel’s staff was at a loss to help a frail elderly woman in their lobby.

7/1/13 4:19 p.m. An apartment complex on Eaglecrest Drive is being plagued by people who jump the fence and use the pool at night.

7/1/13 11:22 p.m. While shopping at Albertsons a woman was threatened by a man who appeared high on drugs. The man was yelling and threatening to stab her.

7/2/13 6:51 a.m. A spray painter caused $50 in damage at Lakeridge Junior High School.

7/2/13 8:49 a.m. Fireworks were used to blow up a mailbox on Hospur. Estimated damage was $200.

7/2/13 12:10 p.m. A pharmacist in a supermarket was threatened by an unbalanced customer.

7/2/13 1:25 p.m. A teenage girl driver is building an appalling record of bad behavior, breaking curfew, being aggressive with her parents, getting into wrecks, being tardy and playing hooky at school.

7/2/13 3:55 p.m. A man who uses a cane and is carrying a cup is soliciting painting jobs on Wren Court.

7/2/13 6:36 p.m. While driving down Boones Ferry Road a man fell asleep and missed a whole cycle of traffic lights.

7/2/13 6:41 p.m. A female was the target of blows and beer in a domestic disturbance.

7/2/13 10:06 p.m. People are again setting off illegal fireworks at the intersection of Edens Edge Drive and Trout Way.

7/2/13 10:29 p.m. A man was trapped inside the restroom at Hazelia Field until an officer arrived and instructed him to press a button on the wall that would unlock the door.

7/2/13 11:22 p.m. Some teens on Eighth Street turned nasty when a woman yelled at them to slow down.

7/3/13 8:34 a.m. A husband is seeking to overcome a restraining order against him by contacting his wife through Facebook and online dating services.

7/3/13 11:19 a.m. A woman fearful of an intruder is asking family members to stay with her.

7/3/13 12:55 p.m. A woman driver was severely annoyed by a male driver who was flipping her off as he followed her.

7/3/13 1:35 p.m. Coyotes on a woman’s lawn on Grand Oaks Drive seemed to be dehydrated.

7/3/13 5:57 p.m. A woman is being stalked by two co-workers who want to have a rendezvous with her at the Marylhurst University library.

7/3/13 7:06 p.m. A woman refused to answer when another woman was banging on the door at her residence on Lakeview Boulevard. However, the banger left behind a pool of blood from her lacerated toe.

7/3/13 7:49 p.m. A skinny dog has not been fed in five days at its home on Bryant Road.

7/3/13 10:45 p.m. A fallen woman was taken to Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center in Tualatin.

7/5/13 9:15 a.m. A woman called the police after waking up from a bad dream.

7/5/13 9:39 a.m. A man wants to know his rights of self-defense in case a coyote attacks him.

7/5/13 10:16 a.m. A male in a black sedan stopped by a mailbox on Greentree Circle. After he left, the mailbox exploded.

7/5/13 12:05 p.m. A coyote with a cat in its mouth was headed toward Waluga Park. The coyote did not seem to be intimidated by people.

7/5/13 12:19 p.m. A lady gardener thinks her plants died because they were poisoned by a neighbor.

7/5/13 6:55 p.m. A dog who lives upstairs in an apartment on Jefferson Parkway is urinating on the balcony, and the urine drips down onto the balcony below.

7/6/13 3:45 a.m. In a case of a boyfriend gone wild, a man smashed his girlfriend’s phone, let the air out of her tires and stole the plates off her car.

7/6/13 10:28 a.m. A mother sent a 16-year-old babysitter over to pick up her child from her ex-husband, but the man is refusing to turn over the kid to the sitter.

7/6/13 2:37 p.m. An officer rescued a distressed dog trapped in a green station wagon on North State Street.

7/6/13 5:51 p.m. A young man grabbed a cat he found on a roadway and threw it. When a woman admonished him for this foul act, he yelled at her.

7/6/13 5:57 p.m. A man short on self-control had to pay for repairs after tearing down his neighbor’s new fence.

7/6/13 6:06 p.m. A resident on Fifth Street discovered an elderly woman with a walker on the porch. She claimed to live there, but she does not.

7/7/13 12:56 a.m. A vandal caused $1,500 to the rear door of a car parked on Mt. Jefferson Terrace.

7/7/13 9:58 a.m. A guest began acting strangely in the dining area of a hotel on Bangy Road. The previous night she got into a verbal altercation with a desk clerk. The guest was advised she could be removed if the hotel chose to take such action.

7/7/13 10:08 p.m. Strange sounds emanating from a basement caused the deployment of an LOPD K-9 crew.


6/17/13 1:55 p.m. A person’s Social Security number has been stolen and may be used to commit scams.

6/20/13 9:24 a.m. Some hack in California used an old Western Union transfer fraud to cheat an honest man. 6/20/13 1:30 p.m. A cab driver made an unauthorized charge on a man’s credit card.

6/25/13 10:20 a.m. Three business checks in the amount of $17,000 were stolen and forged.

6/26/13 1:12 p.m. A woman’s posting of an ad on Craigslist to rent a house has been hacked. A new contact was posted.

6/26/13 1:19 p.m. Business checks have been forged and cashed at an acupuncture and herbal clinic. Other items were also taken.

6/27/13 2:27 p.m. A woman discovered that her ID had been stolen when she began receiving returned checks that she never wrote.

6/28/13 1:01 p.m. An unauthorized withdrawal of $54 from a woman’s account was used to pay for food and drinks at Gator’s in Tigard.

6/30/13 1:35 p.m. A woman discovered that a fraudster had hijacked her Verizon account. She will be working with Verizon and credit bureaus to catch the crook.