Last-minute decision stems from son's future education

Lake Oswego City Councilor Mike Kehoe is moving to San Diego.Kehoe

It’s unclear exactly when he will resign his position on the council. He said this week that his family still needs to sell their house, and he planned to be in Oregon on a regular basis for the time being.

“It all came about really fast — like two weeks ago,” Kehoe said.

The draw, Kehoe said, is getting his youngest child, Jack, into a California school. Starting his junior year in a San Diego high school this month will give him two years’ residency in the state — and the best chances of getting into one of the marine biology programs he hopes to pursue for college

He has his eye on University of California at Santa Barbara or UC San Diego, home to Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

“To have the best advantage to get into school he has his heart set on, you need residency,” Kehoe said. “Right now it’s the best thing for our family.”

He said Jack has always loved working with animals, whether that means breeding tortoise and turtles or raising chinchillas. The move will require him to cut short a mission trip he is now on with his mother; this week, the two were working with dolphins in Kenya through a nonprofit for which Lorri Kehoe serves as a board member.

Jack has probably cared for 40 different pets over the years, Mike Kehoe said, and it’s possible the young man might soon decide to try working with horses, as there are many in the family's new community of Rancho Santa Fe.

Kehoe, an entrepreneur and investor who owns commercial shopping centers and a property management company, among other business ventures, said he and his wife don’t have jobs that require them to live in Oregon. And their two older children, Brett and Paige, are already at California schools, Santa Clara University and University of Southern California, respectively.

Kehoe hasn’t yet decided when he’ll resign his city post, in which case a majority of the remaining five councilors and mayor could vote to appoint someone to fill the remainder of his term, through 2014. He said he plans to be in Oregon regularly for now, and it’s possible he and his wife could eventually return to Lake Oswego to retire.

His resignation, he said, "depends on the whole process, and on what’s best for the council and what’s best for the city."

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