9/20/13 9:35 a.m. A burglar snuck into a garage on Lakeview Boulevard and made off with a Trek bike worth $370.

9/20/13 3:02 p.m. An air conditioner valued at $200 was stolen by a thief who made a forced entry into a garage on D Avenue.


9/22/13 4:56 p.m. A 20-year-old female driver flipped over her yellow Focus and was trapped inside her vehicle. She was not injured, but she was cited for driving in the wrong lane.


9/16/13 9:17 a.m. A briefcase containing a checkbook, miscellaneous ID and bills was stolen from a Volvo on South State Street.

9/18/13 9:36 a.m. A mountain bike valued at $650 has been either lost or stolen.

9/18/13 9:55 a.m. A grandson lacking the virtue of honesty has stolen his grandmother’s checks and also used her credit cards. So far the grandmother is out $5,500.

9/18/13 12:28 p.m. Police were able to track the theft of an iPhone to a busy diner but were unable to nab the crook.

9/18/13 1:09 p.m. People were coming and going as a woman remodeled her house. As it turned out, one of them stole a ring worth $8,000.

9/19/13 1:21 p.m. A 60-year-old man is suspected of swiping miscellaneous books from a business, and his bad behavior is escalating. After being asked not to come back, he started making harassing phone calls.

9/19/13 9:56 p.m. A suspected thief was caught before he could get away with a bag that had a passport in it.


9/16/13 8:47 a.m. A coyote attacked a squirrel and a peacock on Cortez Court. It got the squirrel but the peacock escaped.

9/16/13 11:28 a.m. Young vandals are suspected of taking over a vacant house.

9/16/13 11:42 a.m. A car on Kerr Parkway was vandalized to the extent of $500.

9/16/13 3:38 p.m. A woman’s roommate is being so confrontational after being given a 90-day eviction notice that an officer has been called in to mediate.

9/16/13 4:01 p.m. An innocent female employee is starting to get threatening messages from her sister’s online boyfriend.

9/16/13 5:59 p.m. Three chickens showed up on a woman’s porch on Redfern Avenue. Their owner was located and the chickens are again roosting at home.

9/17/13 8:26 a.m. A woman is denying accusations by her ex that she has mental problems, but she does want police counseling on how she can stop being such a fast driver.

9/17/13 11:15 a.m. The remnants of a Molotov cocktail were found near the community garden on Boca Ratan Drive.

9/17/13 12:16 p.m. A father fears that a son who has been selling stolen property might have crossed the line of committing a felony.

9/17/13 4:33 p.m. An 11-year-old daughter is not at volleyball practice as she told her parents.

9/18/13 1:03 a.m. An unwanted guest hung around a woman’s house for four hours before finally leaving.

9/18/13 2:02 a.m. An inconsiderate man woke up a woman in the middle of the night so she could call him a taxi.

9/18/13 7:35 a.m. There are increasing problems with parents dropping off their children at Oak Creek Elementary School on Kingsgate Road. The area is particularly bad due to construction in the area. The LOPD responded by saying construction vehicles, which have been parked in a no parking zone, will be moved to Melrose to avoid congestion.

9/18/13 1:21 p.m. A daughter slugged her mother, grabbed her purse and took off on foot.

9/18/13 1:53 p.m. A contractor doing exterior siding at a complex was not hired by the association to do such work. When informed of this, the builder became highly agitated.

9/18/13 2:20 p.m. On two occasions a middle-age creep has followed a 12-year-old boy home from Lakeridge Junior High School.

9/18/13 2:28 p.m. Parents lining up their cars to pick up their children from Lakeridge High School are preventing people from backing out their vehicles on Overlook Drive and Ridge Lake Drive.

9/18/13 3:21 p.m. A bully who has been harassing a man’s son at school is now coming to the family’s door, ringing the doorbell and running.

9/18/13 10:04 p.m. Police were asked to investigate the possibility of a student at a youth facility doing cocaine.

9/19/13 7:23 a.m. Two medium-size dogs are going through the trash on Third Street. Efforts to catch them have failed.

9/19/13 11:25 a.m. A lady came in to the police station to warn officers to beware of cars from Salem that have drugs and weapons.

9/19/13 1:31 p.m. A neighbor has been using an ultrasonic device on a dog. The dog’s owner resents it.

9/19/13 2:06 p.m. A man has taken in four firearms and two pellet guns to be destroyed.

9/20/13 6:43 a.m. A woman is distressed because the former boyfriend of her sister is sending emails. A restraining order has not fazed him.

9/20/13 12:09 p.m. Many drivers have been observed texting while speeding by Rivergrove Elementary School.

9/20/13 4:20 p.m. Since being served with court paperwork, an ex-boyfriend has sent his ex-girlfriend 20 text messages. The bitter ex owns many weapons and the woman fears upsetting him.

9/20/13 4:40 p.m. While seeking to drop a letter in a mailbox, a woman was confronted by a protester who leaned over and asked her to sign his petition. When she refused, he said, “You’re one of those ...” and got mouthy with her.

9/20/13 8:13 p.m. A driver was badly shaken up after hitting a deer on Greentree Road and South Shore Boulevard.

9/20/13 11:08 p.m. A man wielding a crowbar was raising concern on Quail Court.

9/20/13 11:44 p.m. Some loudmouthed youths received official warning about their activity on a street corner.

9/21/13 10:16 a.m. A Ford F150 was keyed on Bickner Street, causing $1,000 in damage.

9/21/13 12:41 p.m. A dead cat was placed in a box at Mountain Park Recreation Center. But a subsequent search failed to locate the box.

9/21/13 3:06 p.m. A 17-year-old girl was referred and released to her mother. The girl is a suspect in the theft of a locket valued at $25 and a compass worth $125.

9/21/13 8:03 p.m. An estimated 12 juveniles were screaming and yelling in front of Lakeridge High School.

9/21/13 8:07 a.m. After an argument, a mother wants her son to stay away.

9/21/13 10:29 p.m. Multiple citations for furnishing and MIP were passed out by officers at a large underage party.

9/22/13 10:56 p.m. A mother and daughter got into a screaming match over having the girl clean her room.

9/23/13 2:11 a.m. A restaurant on State Street left its music on overnight, including the outdoor speakers. An officer will talk to the business owners about this.

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