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LOACC to host Sunday forum on senior living


People often think they will solve a crisis when they come to it.

But when it comes to finding the right situation for senior living, being prepared is a much better way to go than waiting too long. That is why the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center is again hosting the Fall Senior Forum on Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m.

Dr. Amy Schultz-Friday, a nationally known speaker who specializes in psychology for elder citizens, will be the keynote speaker. DR. AMY SCHULTZ-FRIDAY

“This presentation will provide education and guidance on transitions encountered during the aging process, ways to understand and communicate with loved ones about those changes and ideas for processing emotion, increasing support and accessing resources,” said Schultz-Friday.

“Preparing for these changes brings families closer and empowers individuals to direct their own healthy aging process.”

There will also be a panel packed with experts on many areas of senior living. Instead of experiencing desperation, those attending the forum will be enabled to make wise decisions.

“We hold this every two years. It’s for people who are considering changes in retirement or living situation due to health or other reasons,” said Berta Derman, LOACC program director. “This forum will deal with all aspects of these changes — emotional, community resources and legal. If you make a decision in time of crisis you may not get the best solution.”

One thing Derman can do is direct people to specialists like Nancy Raske of Lake Oswego. With her Northwest Senior Resources, Raske has achieved a sterling record in helping families find the best living situations for their elder loved ones. Raske now is advising people to go to the forum.

“This gives an overview on how to prepare,” Raske said. “I get calls from people who attended the forum four years ago, and they say, ‘Now I’m ready.’ The knowledge gained is such a good tool.”

Such decisions on life changes are rapidly increasing with the graying of America.

“So many more Baby Boomers will be crossing the line,” Raske said. “One reason coming to the forum is such a good idea is that it’s being held before the holidays, when people will be visiting their loved ones. They’ll find out about the warning signs of aging so they’ll be better informed.”

Derman noted: “One thing we’re sure of is that staying at home is not always the best solution.”

The panel will have a strong local representation. Participants and their topics will be Ellen Stier — legal planning; Christy Turner — the role of caregivers and geriatric care managers; Tom Brennan and Berta Derman — in-home care services and community resources; Nancy Raske and Julie Ouelette — placement specialists and adult care homes; and Ouelette — assisted living and memory care.

Dr. Meagan Lawler, a gerontologist and professor at Marylhurst University, will again serve as emcee for the forum.

The event will be held in the Oak Room of the LOACC, which is located at 505 G Ave. Admission to the forum is free.

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