10/21/13 4:24 p.m. A riding lawnmower was stolen from a barn on Stafford Road while the person who owned the property was out of town.

10/25/13 7:15 a.m. Taking advantage of an open slider door on a balcony on Eaglecrest Drive, a burglar burgled music equipment and a safe containing personal documents.


10/27/13 8:21 a.m. An errant driver ripped up a hedge on Pine Valley Road, causing $1,000 in damage to the yard.


10/21/13 8:11 a.m. After having admitted to have stolen her ex-husband’s computer and promising to return it, the perpetrator is now refusing to give it back.

10/21/13 5:41 p.m. A former roommate used a woman’s information to get two cellphone lines.

10/21/13 6:47 p.m. A Blue Giant mountain bike worth $500 was stolen on Lowenberg Terrace.

10/22/13 3:03 p.m. A thief stole $79.81 worth of gas from a gas station on South Shore Boulevard.

10/23/13 8:28 p.m. A distinguished-looking man with salt-and-pepper hair wearing a button-down shirt, slacks and shoes (all black) just hotfooted away from Stafford’s restaurant after executing a dine-and-dash. Earlier he performed a similar manuever at Oswego Grill.

10/24/13 4:41 p.m. A landlord’s son broke into a man’s apartment and took his clothes.

10/27/13 6:25 p.m. A thief absconded with a spare tire worth $400 off a green Toyota on Foothills Drive.


10/21/13 6:56 a.m. A 16-year-old who had run away was taken to the Clackamas County juvenile center.

10/21/13 8:50 a.m. A woman thinks another female is in a declining mental state because she is accusing her of sleeping with her boyfriend.

10/21/13 3:09 p.m. A frightened Sheltie puppy broke away with its leash after several dogs rushed out of a house and scared it.

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