The thermometer dropped to as low as 12 degrees in Lake Oswego over the past week, but the resulting problems were few.

Guy Graham, city public works director, said roads were kept clear of ice by city road crews led by Jim Bateman. Magnesium chloride was spread on streets that were icing over.

Frozen water pipes were the worst problem stemming from the big drop in temperatures. City workers responded to at least a dozen calls where they had to turn off the water. However, the pipe breaking problem may get worse.

Graham said, once it warms up, that is typically when more pipes break. 

After a balmy 53 degrees on Dec. 1, temperatures kept dropping until starting to slowly nudge upward on Monday. According to the website AccuWeather, the weather nadir in Lake Oswego was reached on Sunday when the high temperature was just 28 degrees and the low plummeted to 12 degrees.

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