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Ask A Cop: Speed limits on Kruse Way


Editor’s note: Every week a Lake Oswego police officer answers your questions in this space. Please send your questions to reporter Cliff Newell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 503-636-1281, ext. 105.

“A new driver in our home noticed that the speed limit on Kruse Way going toward Lake Grove is 35 mph, but is 40 mph when heading in the other direction. Is this typical? I don’t recall ever noticing that before.”



Kruse Way is a multi-lane major arterial that acts like an expressway or extension of Oregon Route 217.  As you enter Lake Oswego (eastbound), the speed is 40 mph. As you pass Kruse Oaks Boulevard the speed drops to 35 mph. This way, as you near Lake Grove Village, speeds are reduced to better match the speeds in town. Also, since Kruse Way ends at Boones Ferry, the idea is to slow people down since they must make a turn. Drivers can either go right into the Village corridor (which has a speed of 30 mph) or left along Boones Ferry northbound (which they can accelerate back up to 40 mph). Since there is a signal, it could be green and in this way we hope to have cars heading into those turns at a more advisable speed.

Heading out of town on Kruse Way (westbound) you see the opposite: Speeds start off at 35 mph on Kruse Way and as you get closer to OR217, just past Westlake Drive, the speed picks back up to 40 mph until you actually reach OR217. It’s all about gradually slowing or increasing speeds in 5 mph increments to match in town speeds or out of town speeds.  This is very common with these types of roadways. 

As always, please drive safely.

 — Lt. Doug Treat