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More big bucks earned by Walk4Water


Donations are still being accepted in effort to build wells in Zambia

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO: LINDA FAVERO - You did not have to walk to raise money for Walk4Water7. Riding in a red wagon was perfectly acceptable at the event, which drew 300 participants.Walkers again showed they can raise a lot of money at Walk4Water7 on April 12.

There were 300 of them who came to Foothills Park, and when they reached the finish line they had raised $61,000, which should enable organizers to easily reach their goal of raising $70,000.

Walkers and money equal water wells in Zambia, where 40 percent of the population lacks safe water and sanitation. The $70,000 will build water wells that will supply 1,500 Zambians with clean water for the rest of their lives.

“Our theme this year was ‘Walking Together,’ “ said Linda Favero, event director. “It is symbolic to us that Zambian children held their own Walk4Water in support of our annual walk.”

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO: LINDA FAVERO - Sebastian Kunda, left, presents a gift of Zambian art to Lake Oswego Mayor Kent Studebaker before a happy crowd at Foothills Park.Sebastian Kunda of World Vision had traveled all the way from his native Zambia to observe the Lake Oswego event, and he was thrilled with the results. Especially the turnout of children.

“It’s good to see that the young children are with us in this battle,” said Kunda, who is an engineer in his country. “It means that this journey will not end with this generation, it will continue.

“Even back home we’re working very closely with the young children, because the young children are the agents of change.”

In its seven years, Walk4Water has raised $300,000 for digging water wells in Zambia.

For more about Walk4Water, go to the website waterafrica.org. Donations are still being accepted.