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National Prayer Day held for 14th time in Lake Oswego

The youth were the leaders at the National Prayer Day observance in Lake Oswego on Friday.by: REVIEW PHOTO: CLIFF NEWELL - Students of the Leadership Class of Our Lady of Lake School played a major role in activities on National Prayer Day in Lake Oswego. From the left are Caitlin Gaffney, Eliesse Jakotich and Meaghan Andersen.

People of all faiths gathered behind Lake Oswego City Hall to join their prayers with believers around the nation for this annual event. It marked the tradition of praying for the nation that began in 1775, when the Continental Congress asked for prayer as the new nation was starting to form. In Lake Oswego, it was the 14th such occasion.

“Your voice is being shared,” event organizer Donna Scales told the worshippers gathered around the flag pole with the American flag flying at the top.

Most notably, the leadership class of Our Lady of the Lake School came ready to pray, and their attitude greatly impressed Scales.

“These children didn’t recognize their right to pray as a given,” Scales said. “They realize it’s a freedom.”

Many of the prayers were for American military personnel stationed around the world and their families back home.

Scales said she was happy to note an increased number of elected officials and police officers attending this year’s event.

The always dynamic Charles Patton led the assemblage in singing songs of patriotism and faith, such as “Amazing Grace” and “America the Beautiful.”

“It’s great that we can all come together like this and pray for our country,” Patton said.

The Rev. Jerry Beres of Meadow Springs Church began the prayer session by asking God to pour out his spirit on this nation.

Lee Havens, a long-time participant in Prayer Day, said, “Revival of the country starts in each individual heart.”

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