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4/29/14 5:09 p.m. A Living X Mountain bike was stolen from a garage on Fifth Street.


4/28/14 3:29 p.m. A driver was cited for careless driving after he hit two children in front of the Post Office on Boones Ferry Road. The children suffered only minor injuries, and the driver was issued several citations.

5/2/14 12:41 p.m. A young female driver nearly hit three people while she was texting someone on an excursion down State Street.


4/28/14 5:32 p.m. A man’s orange Bianchi hybrid bicycle valued at $500 to $1,000 was stolen from a woman’s garage on C Avenue.

4/29/14 9:41 a.m. A red Diamondback Mountain bike valued at $300 was stolen from Lakeridge Junior High School.

4/29/14 4:35 p.m. A necklace worth $1,000 was stolen.

4/29/14 12:15 p.m. A person’s wallet was grabbed while he was riding on TriMet. The incident was caught on tape.

5/1/14 9:27 a.m. Two kids bicycles were stolen from an apartment on State Street.

5/1/14 9:43 a.m. A bike valued at $500 was stolen from an abode on Ninth Street.

5/2/14 9:22 a.m. While on an outing on Oswego Lake, a man’s Apple iPhone, worth $400, was stolen.

5/2/14 6:16 p.m. A grandson is continually breaking into his grandfather’s locked cabinet and stealing money.

5/4/14 9:36 a.m. A fireman’s ladder was stolen from the side of a house on Galen Street.


4/28/14 9:57 a.m. A lawyer’s office received two homicide threats from an unknown woman.

4/28/14 10:18 a.m. A barking dog case has followed a man all the way from Arizona.

4/28/14 12:01 p.m. In a case of drive-by honking, a man beeped a woman as she stood in her yard.

4/28/14 1:25 p.m. A woman is getting around a trespassing order against her by making harassing phone calls to another woman.

4/28/14 1:42 p.m. A resident of Maple Circle wants to complain to a neighbor about his barking-prone dog, but the neighbor is never at home.

4/28/14 3:29 p.m. A person is writing letters to Oswego Summit demanding that the company fire one of its employees.

4/28/14 3:41 p.m. A man has been hanging around the school bus stop on Da Vinci and Del Prado so often lately that people are starting to worry.

4/28/14 4:54 p.m. Five chickens escaped from their own yard on Shireva Drive and started running around in the yard of a neighbor.

4/28/14 5:01 p.m. An ex-boyfriend resented it when his ex-girlfriend and her parents came by his house to pick up her items.

4/28/14 6 p.m. After a woman moved away, the man she was living with found that several of his possessions were missing.

4/28/14 7:42 p.m. A man keeps hearing a barking dog but he can’t pinpoint its location.

4/28/14 8:57 p.m. A disgruntled wife ratted on her husband by informing police he drinks and drives.

4/28/14 9:57 p.m. A man who was sneaking around mailboxes on Barton Road was seen loping toward Buckingham.

4/28/14 11:10 p.m. A lover of loud music has been parking his car outside a house on Oakridge Road and playing loud music on stereo for the past 10 days.

4/29/14 12:42 12:49 p.m. A dog was seen panting inside of a red Mercury on Kruse Way Place. It may be suffering.

4/29/14 12:57 p.m. A woman is trying to figure out an odd poem taped to her door that says: “Every night in the world is a night in the hospital.” She found that the same nutty poem had been left at houses all over her neighborhood.

4/29/14 3:23 p.m. A former mother-in-law was chagrined to receive a letter from her ex-daughter-in-law.

4/30/14 10:28 a.m. An injured squirrel suddenly jumped up and climbed a tree just as an officer showed up to check on its condition.

4/30/14 10:48 a.m. A yelling match in Spanish turned out to be some workers putting up a roof on Douglas Way.

4/30/14 12:21 p.m. A mysterious female woke a man up by knocking on his window and informing him that “Uncle Robert had been kidnapped.”

4/30/14 1:25 p.m. A homeless person has been living under a tree on Fifth Street.

4/30/14 5:13 p.m. A distraught man was yelling and screaming outside of a church because he had run out of cigarettes.

5/1/14 12:16 a.m. Some adults were being overly noisy in a hot tub frolic.

5/1/14 8:53 a.m. When a man was asked why he was staying in his car, he answered that his girlfriend kicked him out of the house.

5/1/14 10:47 a.m. In a case of odd criminal mischief, pieces of Wonder Bread were placed on a car’s windshield on Sixth Street.

5/1/14 11:19 a.m. A restaurant on State Street was threatened about playing music too loudly.

5/1/14 12:49 p.m. A restaurant owner is creating a Dickensian environment for his employees. That is, he is treating them badly.

5/1/14 1:35 p.m. A driver keeps making U-turns in an intersection. At the same time, he is taking video tapes of himself.

5/1/14 2:28 p.m. In explaining his odd behavior at a burger joint, a man said that he was not drunk but that the people in front of him were being too loud.

5/1/14 4:40 p.m. A father and his 9-year-old daughter are continually being harassed by a neighbor, who stares at the girl and honks his horn when he sees her.

5/2/14 noon. A neighbor is threatening to get a gun and “kill the demon.” The police have been asked to determine whether he is mentally stable.

5/2/14 6:36 p.m. A man having a nervous breakdown and a panic attack was taken to a hospital by police.

5/3/14 2:31 a.m. A cab driver complained about a passenger who was throwing up in the back seat of the cab.

5/3/14 11:08 a.m. A husband shoved his wife and then confiscated her phone.

5/3/14 11:41 a.m. A bungling confidence man went to a house on Lakeview Boulevard and asked the resident to sign a piece of ragged paper. Police are now seeking the man.

5/3/14 6:49 p.m. A female customer is arguing with the desk clerk at the Hilton Garden Inn because she doesn’t want to leave.

5/3/14 8:18 p.m. A woman reported that a neighbor had come into her house and had taken her car keys. However, police found that the woman had dementia and Alzheimer’s issues.

5/5/14 1:59 a.m. A husband reported his wife for throwing things on the outside of their residence.


4/25/14 1:34 p.m. Some louse made unauthorized charges on a woman’s credit card, causing a loss of $399.

4/25/14 4:35 p.m. A man’s Social Security number was pilfered and used to file a tax return.

4/28/14 5:36 a.m. Somebody defrauded a woman by using her Social Security number to file a tax return.

5/2/14 1 p.m. A woman’s personal information was used to file a tax return.

5/2/14 1:45 p.m. A woman’s Social Security number was stolen and used to file a tax return.

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