Measures in active circulation or already qualified for Nov. 4 general election. Constitutional amendments require 116,284 valid signatures; new laws, 87,213, both determined by sampling. Final deadline is July 3; secretary of state has 30 days to validate signatures and assign measure numbers.


Student aid fund: Constitutional amendment would allow state to create fund from which to draw aid to students in post-secondary education. Referred by 2013 Legislature.

Driver's card: Law would create a card, limited to four years instead of the eight for a license, for drivers who meet all requirements except for proof of legal presence in the United States. Referred by citizen petition after passage by 2013 Legislature.


(None has qualified for ballot yet)

Marijuana: Proposed constitutional amendment would allow recreational use of marijuana by adults, except when it endangers children or public safety. 32,617 submitted May 14. Paul Stanford of Portland, two others.

Marijuana: Proposed law would set up a state commission to regulate its cultivation and sale. 19,464 submitted May 14. Paul Stanford of Portland, two others.

Marijuana: Proposed law would leave it to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to regulate and tax cultivation of marijuana and hemp. 12,979 submitted May 13. Anthony Johnson of Portland.

Women's rights: Proposed constitutional amendment would bar discrimination based on sex. 155,008 submitted as of May 30. Leanne Littrell DiLorenzo of Portland, two others.



Trapping: Proposed law would ban use of animal traps. Mary Launer and Christopher Baker, both of Bend; Miles Hutchins of Redmond.

Abortions: Proposed constitutional amendment would bar public funds for abortions. Jeff Jimerson of Albany, Lee Edward of Corvallis, former Sen. Marylin Shannon of Brooks.

Intruders: Proposed law would expand use of deadly force by property owners and eliminate legal liability against adult trespassers. Former Rep. Kevin Mannix and Duane Fletchall, both of Salem.

Tax elections: Proposed law would require elections for increased taxes or fees, unless amount raised is less than $750,000 over three years. Jason Williams of Tigard.

Tom McCall: Proposed law would set March 22 in honor of Oregon's 30th governor. Lisa Nowak of Milwaukie, Elizabeth Miles of Oregon City, Matt Love of South Beach.

Individual rights: Proposed constitutional amendment would create "natural" rights for individuals that take precedence over those for corporations, government, and create undefined right to privacy. Paul Stanford of Portland, two others.

Genetically modified organisms: One proposed law would require labeling of GMO food; another extends requirement to raw food and allows citizens to sue. Scott Bates of Tigard is a sponsor of both.

Primary election: One proposed law would provide for all candidates on a single primary ballot; top two finishers advance to general election. James Kelly of Kimberly. The other proposed law would allow voters to cast ballots for one or more candidates for the same office; top two finishers advance to the general election. Mark Frohnmayer of Eugene.


Sponsors have decided against proceeding with these measures.

Same-sex marriage: Proposed constitutional amendment would have repealed ban approved by voters in 2004, but declared invalid by a federal judge on May 19.

Religious exemption: Proposed law would have allowed businesses to refuse services to same-sex weddings or other ceremonies without violating laws against discrimination.

Liquor sales: Proposed law would have allowed sales in private stores of 10,000 square feet, and impose amount equivalent to current markup in state stores. (Two versions, although sponsors' preferred one did not get final clearance to circulate.)

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