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Customers will be caught up in a cornucopia of choices when Zupan's Market opens in Lake Oswego on Wednesday.

On one side, flowers will be overflowing from the Zupan's flower shop. On the other side, fruits and vegetables will be overflowing from the produce section. In the middle, people will be overflowing from the tables and chairs on the breezeway in between.

And everything will have a big emphasis on 'fresh.'

'We have no décor,' said owner Mike Zupan. 'Our décor is the food. What we want eyes to see is the fresh produce.'

The store opening next week marks the achievement of a long-time goal for Zupan and his company. Lake Oswego has long been in their sights as a perfect place for one of their stores, and now Zupan has a store right smack dab in the middle of town at the intersection of Boones Ferry and Bryant roads.

'We always thought Lake Oswego would be a great location,' Zupan said. 'Bryant and Boones Ferry are so heavily traveled.'

A covered outdoor court near the entrance will catch eyes right away with its combination of flowers, fruit and people.

'We've brought the outside in and the inside out,' Zupan said. 'It's a very creative use of space. What this store has is a great sense of feel.'

The building itself is a beauty, with its high ceilings and combination of space and natural light. Good lighting should make the Zupan's food look even more appetizing.

It makes for a delicious list:

* Fresh and organic produce from sustainable farms.

* All-natural beef, pork and chicken.

* Fresh wild seafood.

* A deli with homemade-style items.

* A wine cellar and a coffee service area.

'Customers will be finding products here that they can't find anywhere else,' Zupan said, 'whether it's local or from around the world.'

Zupan is eager for Wednesday to roll around as the shelves start to fill up with food.

'We're about food and people,' he said. 'This will be a great place to shop and a great place to work.'

Zupan's Market is located at 16380 Boones Ferry Road.

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