6/21/14 11:36 a.m. A resident of Oswego Summit discovered that some burglars had snuck into his garage while he was gone for three days and had stolen items valued at $1,300.


6/18/14 7:46 a.m. An iPhone worth $200 was taken from the Mountain Park Recreation Center.

6/18/14 2:27 p.m. One hundred CDs were stolen from a car parked on Dogwood Drive.

6/19/14 9:48 a.m. A son stole a Best Buy card from his father and charged $1,000 on it. Dad would like to talk to him about it.

6/19/14 4:14 p.m. A motorcycle on North Shore Road was targeted by a thief, who stole leather saddle bags and moto rain gear. Total loss was $3,000.

6/20/14 10:36 a.m. Three cast iron gnomes valued at $300 were stolen from a yard on Tamaway Drive.

6/20/14 4:18 p.m. A check and gift card were stolen out of a mailbox on Schalit Way.


6/16/14 6:22 a.m. Someone who is having mental health issues is pounding on a door on Davis Lane.

6/16/14 7:05 a.m. A criminal mischief maker fired a BB gun at a Ford van, shooting out the back window and causing $300 in damage.

6/16/14 9:18 a.m. When a house sitter showed up at a residence, she found several young people apparently passed out.

6/16/14 9:53 a.m. A man with a ponytail and wearing a plastic glove on one hand was eyed with suspicion as he sat on a bench. It was determined that he was waiting to start his new job.

6/16/14 10:12 a.m. A woman was disturbed by somebody pounding on her door at 2:30 a.m., which caused her dog to go nuts. She did not answer the door and requested extra police patrols for her neighborhood.

6/16/14 1:51 p.m. A runaway 16-year-old was found by police and released to the mother.

6/16/16 2:07 p.m. A father discovered that his 13-year-old child was having inappropriate sexual contact with an 18-year-old male.

6/16/14 5:22 p.m. Quick-acting medics were able to save the life of a 28-year-old man who had taken a drug overdose.

6/16/14 5:39 p.m. A paranoid man claimed the police were after him.

6/16/14 5:46 p.m. A mother has hidden the Glock .22 her son was planning to sell to a friend.

6/16/14 7:30 p.m. A girlfriend reported that her boyfriend is refusing to give back the money he owes her. His eviction is imminent.

6/16/14 9:18 p.m. A man who showed up uninvited in his neighbor’s backyard has now been trespassed.

6/17/14 1:28 a.m. A store employee came upon a man who said he had been beaten up twice. The victim declined medical aid but was taken to the Barbur Transit Center.

6/17/14 3:05 p.m. A neighbor came by a man’s house and started screaming at him for doing yardwork.

6/17/14 5:54 p.m. After devouring a pizza, a man and woman got into a fight in the parking lot. When the woman got into a blue Jeep, the man pulled a knife and threatened to slash her tires if she did not let him in the car.

6/17/14 7:52 p.m. A man is now threatening a friend because he changed his mind about selling him a gun.

6/17/14 9:24 p.m. While a father and daughter were returning to their vehicle after buying groceries, they encountered three teenage boys sitting on a curb. One of them told the girl, “I will chase your body through the forest and you will sacrifice your body for me.”

6/18/14 10:30 a.m. A former employee is being threatened by his old boss, who told him, “Watch your back.”

6/18/14 3:07 p.m. A man is threatening to shoot himself in the head because his significant other broke up with him.

6/18/14 3:20 p.m. A subject is ignoring a restraining order and is harassing a family with text messages.

6/18/14 3:45 p.m. A man amused himself by moving two planters on Sixth Street overnight.

6/18/14 9:01 p.m. A woman thought a man was shooting up heroin while sitting in his Ford Explorer, but he was actually sending text messages.

6/18/14 10:59 p.m. A landlord is upset because her drunken tenant is preventing her from renting rooms to other people.

6/19/14 1:29 a.m. A woman called police to report her house was loudly shaking due to a pump. When the police arrived they could only hear the sound of frogs croaking.

6/19/14 6:58 a.m. Lakeridge Junior High School was vandalized, with damage set at $750. Graffiti was on the sidewalk and some windows were broken.

6/19/14 8:58 a.m. A wolf walked up a woman’s driveway on Cellini Court. She later saw the wolf sunning itself across the street.

6/19/14 12:58 p.m. In a cat call to a residence on Kingsgate Road, a police officer left a message for the condo owner to let the cat out or else give the police permission to enter the residence and check on the cat’s condition.

6/19/14 4:45 p.m. A person on Boones Ferry Road was subjected to obscenities and thrown Pop-Its from three teenagers.

6/19/14 5:01 p.m. A person fantasizing about self-harm was given a courtesy transport to Cornerstone.

6/19/14 8:36 p.m. Two teen boys were caught setting a fire near Westridge Elementary. They and two other juveniles were referred to Clackamas County Jail for reckless burning and released to their parents.

6/20/14 7:09 a.m. Graffiti was painted on two buildings at Lakeridge Junior High, causing $600 in damage.

6/20/14 10:21 a.m. A man wrapped up in a blanket and sleeping near a dumpster in an alley on South State Street was informed he should catch his Zs at another location.

6/20/14 12:17 p.m. A man fears a dog might be suffering after observing it panting and barking in a car parked at a grocery market. The dog’s ordeal had lasted at least 30 minutes.

6/20/14 2:08 p.m. A resident of Wilbur Street is upset because an inconsiderate person parked a car in front of his garbage can on pick-up day and caused it not to be picked up.

6/20/14 4:19 p.m. Seven ducklings stuck in a stormdrain on Lower Drive managed to get out before an officer arrived to rescue them.

6/20/14 4:56 p.m. A German Shepherd keeps showing up at a popular barbecue restaurant. Efforts to capture it have failed.

6/20/14 8:56 a.m. After drinking some high-energy beverages, some boys plotted to dress up in Ghillie suits and go hang out at Westlake Park.

6/21/14 2:09 a.m. A woman began screaming after she lost her dog. It turned out she is having mental health issues, and losing her dog aggravated her condition.

6/21/14 5:38 p.m. A woman was disturbed when a female neighbor drove up next to her, stopped, and started snapping her gum.

6/21/14 7:53 p.m. Three friendly guys told a neighbor they needed to jump over his backyard fence because they had locked themselves out of their house.

6/21/14 10:57 p.m. Two male juveniles were seen carrying a female as they were walking toward school. It turned out that the woman needed medical help.

6/22/14 2:37 a.m. A 17-year-old was getting some kicks by walking down a street and shining a flashlight on people in their houses.

6/22/14 7:31 a.m. Since moving from a house, a man has been getting threatening messages from his roommate.

6/22/14 9:34 a.m. Two footloose dogs are causing a small uproar on Ladd Street.

6/22/14 10:38 a.m. A woman was given fair warning about what could happen to her if she keeps allowing her aggressive dog to chase kids in the neighborhood.

6/22/14 11:16 p.m. Police were given a bum steer when they were informed about a screaming female on Kerr Parkway. She was only flossing her teeth before going to bed.

6/23/14 1:18 a.m. A worried 15-year-old needed a ride home after missing all of the buses.


6/16/14 9:42 a.m. A father received a mysterious call from a man with a heavy accent who said that the police would be coming to arrest his daughter, who lives in another state, on an IRS violation, and he said the father had to send him her bail money. Police determined this was a scam.

6/16/14 8:36 p.m. A man is trying to blackmail a woman by claiming she is watching porn and that she needed to pay $300 or “something bad will happen to her.”

6/17/14 10:48 a.m. A grandmother received a call from someone claiming to be her 13-year-old grandson, who told her he was in a car wreck and had been placed in a jail in Portland. He is seeking her help.

6/19/14 1:57 p.m. A woman is now worried after giving her personal information to someone who said they could give her a lower credit rate on her American Express Card.

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