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"What is the Craft Team?"

The Craft unit is comprised of law enforcement officers from all over Clackamas County who are specially trained in traffic-crash reconstruction and forensics.

The unit responds to traffic crashes, most often fatal crashes where a criminal investigation will be conducted due to a possible DUII, reckless driving or any other suspected crime. The team will also respond to detonated bombs, shootings and stabbings within Clackamas County, again where a criminal investigation will be conducted.

The primary function is to obtain a detailed, computerized scaled drawing of the scene, including vehicle and/or property damage, and other roadway evidence. The team also has a drug reorganization expert (DRE) who responds to the hospital if there was a traffic crash. The DRE conducts a DUII investigation or rules out that the driver was DUII.

The team also seizes evidence (primarily vehicles) involved in the suspected crime and they take detailed photographs of the scene.  The Lake Oswego Police Department currently has two motor officers assigned to the Craft Team.

— Officer Denton Veach

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